Verizon so screwed me — VOTE to STOP legalized THEFT!

Updated 10/16/19 with a screenshot of the bill, I can finally access it.   NO word from Verizon.

Updated 10/24/19:  Still NO word from Verizon.  STILL so many problems and my number still has not ported yet — it’s almost 4 weeks now. Several times I “chatted” with Verizon people (no more phone calls), every time I give them the link and ask for comments and they PROMISE someone will get back to me.
One time I got to a supervisor who accused me of failing to call some porting number (it’s ALWAYS the customer’s fault).  Since not only nobody told me to call anyone about porting, but I was assured numerous times that they were taking care of it, I had them pull the recordings of my calls. Well, she said they would.  We’ll see.  I just paid the almost $150 bill for NOTHING.

Updated 11/11/19:  Unsurprisingly, Verizon ignored my attempt to get this nightmare resolved in their community forum after their “chat” wasn’t working:

There’s no end to this nightmare.  Verizon will continue to charge ENORMOUS fees to my credit card while I can’t even use the phone, the number still hasn’t ported, Frontier still hasn’t shut off my services …

And I can’t even SUE THE BASTARDS!  

— UNLESS you vote Trump out and get a bunch of Democrats into the Senate


I was hoping to post here how you can get much better speeds and service from Verizon than with Frontier.  Sadly, I just found out that Verizon LIED, LIED and LIED again.

I spent many HOURS at their website trying to figure out their UNLIMITED plans.  I called them several times.  And EVERYBODY told me that it’s UNLIMITED data — for the phone and for additional devices such as a router / modem / jetpack.

Almost 3 weeks ago I finally signed up.   It was a nightmare from the first minute.  

I tried to sign up online.   First they couldn’t run my credit with my current address, changed to Meadview in June.  I called, was on hold for a long time, finally decided to use my old address in Kingman.  That worked for the credit.

Then I got to shipping and there was NO way to ship the phone to me.  They didn’t like my street address, wouldn’t accept my PO Box, it wasn’t possible to pick the phone up in Kingman at their stores and since my cordless phone has only 2 hours of talk / speaker time, I had to call them the next day.

So, I finally signed up by phone the next day and it took another two hours on the phone.

EVERYTHING and EVERY TIME it took two hours.  “Unusually long hold times” or something like that was their hold message.  I finally asked when I could call without the long hold time and was told they’re always that busy after a new iphone is released.    First half an hour or more on hold to get to a person, then more holds to be transferred to other departments — the average call was two hours and it’s only that short because that’s when my phone dies.

Verizon was to port my home phone # of 19 years.

It’s still not done.  Sara “forgot” to finish up the next day when she had trouble getting it done in the two hour call.

They didn’t mention that I had to sign for the phone.
Why don’t these stupid IDIOTS ask where to ship to so that someone is there to sign?
Don’t most people have JOBS to go to?

HOURS on the phone again, eventually picked up the new cell in Kingman at UPS way out at the airport.


I’ve spent at least 25 hours on the phone and in “chats” to get things working. 

I still had a Jetpack that I used at the Collectors Corner years ago and had that activated last Friday.   It worked well, most of the time faster than Frontier and that’ll go into the Airbnb.

Finally I got to tell Frontier to shut off everything, including the internet service at the Airbnb I manage.

Today I got the Verizon 4G lte MIFI Home T1114.  I’m not sure I even need the “home phone” option, got headphones for the new cellphone, but I thought I’d try to see how it works and of course to use it as my home internet.

I CALLED Verizon before ordering it and they assured me it worked with my “unlimited” plan.

To activate it, I tried chat first.  After about an hour, it turned out that they can’t assist me anymore because I got tired of the Verizon countless texts to my phone and had typed “STOP” when I got THREE Verizon spam texts to my PHONE after the last chat on my COMPUTER.

All my credit cards and bank accounts have the option to get SPECIFIC alerts, but not spam.  At Verizon, it’s apparently ALL or NOTHING.

I asked them to send me the required code to my email (listed on my account), but they can’t do that.

I asked whether I can’t “undo” the “STOP.”  They told me I had to take the phone to a Verizon store.

So, I once again had to go for the two hours on the phone with Verizon.

And that’s when they informed me that I can’t have unlimited data on the Verizon 4G LTE MIFI Home T1114.

So I asked what I can order so I get unlimited and was finally, after almost 3 weeks, informed that there is NO unlimited data at all.  It’s only for the phones!!!!!

You can’t make this shit up.  I asked so many times.

And I READ so much at their website, which is obviously full of lies and deception.

Tonight I logged in my Verizon account, where I can NOT see my bill, documents or ANYTHING — been trying for days and had a long chat about that yesterday.  Of course it did NOT get fixed.

However, I can click on the picture of the jetpack and get this:

Since Friday I used almost 9 GB and I was actually out most of the time.  Perfect painting weather.

Do you see the part where Verizon states:

Stream all you want, you’ve got unlimited data.

And then there’s the disclaimer in SMALL print talking about “mobile hotspot/tethering reduced to speeds “up to” 600kbps after 15 GB/month.

I remember when I ordered the lady said specifically that it MAY be slower during congestion after 15 GB or whatever and I figured I can live with that — how much congestion can there be in Meadview?

How do you stream all you want with only 15 GB?


As my FB readers (Meadview Uncensored) know, I finally sued Frontier when they started to cancel my repair tickets.  I found out that Frontier has a mandatory arbitration clause and just over the weekend looked into filing a UDAP (unfair practices) suit against Frontier.  They really think that it’s perfectly acceptable to simply cancel repair tickets and then have their customers incur the legal fees to sue them as there’s NO other way to get the line repaired.  They did finally come out again and it worked a little better now, but I just cannot afford to constantly wait an entire day for repair people who don’t show up because my ticket got canceled and to date, despite my lawsuit, nobody has explained to me WHY they did do that — TWICE in a row!   I’ll be posting the gruesome details once I figured out how I’ll be online from now on and recovered from the ENORMOUS time wasted on Verizon.

I was SO happy that Verizon finally has “UNLIMITED” data.

I recorded many of the Verizon calls, hopefully got the calls with their lies.  Maybe in a chat too.

And since I was about to file regulatory complaints about Frontier, I’ll be filing the complaints about Verizon too.
They need to remove any mention of “UNLIMITED DATA” from the website and replace it with “15 GB” or whatever it is.

Scum sucking bottom feeding corrupt companies EVERYWHERE I look.
There is no free market.  There is NO large corporation that isn’t as corrupt as Trump himself.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint … ALL OF THEM ARE THE SAME …   They lie, deceive and defraud with impunity.

Don’t vote for these corporations again.  I heard most of the debate tonight.  EVERY ONE of these candidates is a thousand times better than Trump.


For 19 years I’ve been paying the HUGE tax on landlines to bring utilities to rural areas.   I heard that Frontier got a million of that tax money to bring fiber optic to Meadview, half their cost.   And what did I get?

CRAPPY service and after several tickets that didn’t get it fixed, they canceled my tickets.

And now I can’t even sue them?

As I researched my legal option with Frontier last weekend, I read much of the “Model State Consumer and Employee Justice Enforcement Act” — revised in 2015.

Some fantastic proposals, private attorney enforcement and state enforcement — that’s what we need.

I know what to expect from Arizona regulators and the FCC.  Been there, done that.

But I’ll do it anyway to PROVE to you that you need to vote AGAINST the corporations.

Voters need to learn how we get screwed by our governments and by corporations like Verizon, Frontier and ALL of them.

We have NO choice.

Our only choice is to pay connection and disconnection fees (yes, Frontier wants to charge me to DISCONNECT service!) and to switch from one CORRUPT LYING COMPANY TO ANOTHER.

OUT with Trump and the rest of these corporate owned Republicans and while I’m no fan of Democrats, it’ll be a start.  What we really need are Independents like Bernie who understand that we do NOT need these corporations and their stinking jobs and services.

We need to give the power back to the people.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have real unlimited internet for $30 or $40 per month with the profits going to a LOCAL entrepreneur in our community?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually get service repaired without having to file a lawsuit?

Wouldn’t it be nice if UNLIMITED data actually was UNLIMITED data?

VOTE for OUR rights, NOT corporate profits!

I posted the link to this post in another Verizon “chat” for comment.  No stinking code needed for that:

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’ll forward this to our Management and see what we can do to help.

Let’s see what, if anything, Verizon has to say.

10/16/19:  FINALLY I could access my bill.  I’m shocked!  $156.36 for 3 days for ONE phone with unlimited data that’s NOT unlimited date.
I’m supposed to receive a $16.81 equipment charge credit NEXT month. Why not THIS month?
And I was supposed to get a $20 activation credit because of the trouble I had ordering.  I asked about that during one of my subsequent calls and was told it will surely be on my bill .
Yeah right.

Liars and thieves.  That they have the NERVE to charge me ANYTHING after what I’ve been through just goes to show that they can do WHATEVER they want.

Too big to care.

AFTER the closing date for this bill I made all sorts of changes and I have NO idea what the next bill will look like.
Very scary.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your struggles with the phone company monopolies who think they own us. I was using a tracfone with triple minutes as an emergency phone as it was a fake android system and paying $7 a month with rollover minutes, I did ok. But seeing what the smarter people were doing with their computerized larger phones……I got a LG5 VS987 on ebay that’s GSM ( a $150 phone for $75) so it can be used on Mint Mobile at $15 a month. Twice the cost at $180 a year but I can monitor my stocks and have less stress than trading stocks “flying blind during my day job”. So I bum WiFi at a restaurant and it does all the internet stuff for free. Then if I get a signal in the mountains, I travel there to use data and maybe do other net stuff. 12GB of data. There are other cheapy cell phone plans but our landline here costs a lot and no one really needs one. Why need home internet? Just use the library computers or bum the free wifi that’s all over. You could even walk and talk to a neighbor and offer them $20 to use their signal and promise to be civil about it. I’d do that before going to the scam providers who can’t even give you a human voice on a phone unless you suffer the weed out wait time. The time it takes for irate people to calm down……….and Trump is our last chance to get any independents to run for office so we don’t get stuck with demorats or remumblicons. Republicons are paralyzed to sit on their hands and be totally reactionary to go along with every dumb war the industrial complex thinks up to sink this country into bankruptcy. Stooges for the Views. The demorats think they deserve free stuff for being white or black or red or any color except red white and blue striped. Look at the debts people run up? They did that not Trump. Trumps corporate tax rebates have opened up my area for employment and I found a good job finally. I lost weight, mild depression went away, I feel great, debts getting paid off. I get up at 5:15 AM to get to my 1 hr commute job and I like it. No time to sit around playing with the internet. I turned 3.8K into 9.5K in 3 months trading CDE. And not overtrading because I am not home to overtrade, only the combination works being doing the day job in construction then doing stocks after hours so I am forced to trade slow for a few day hold. Just waiting for the demorats to put up a real truth speaker, not the angry uncle nor the .0001% native american Molly Hatchet economy destroyer. Maybe the dems can succeed in turning all of north america into an Eco Park and we can squat on BLM land and eat berries and live in snow caves. But then what sort of free WiFi can I get with no time to do google searches with breaks between milking goats and waiting for a chicken to lay an egg so I won’t starve. Hipi power……..ummm, where do I plug that in to? Did we get invaded yet? I don’t speak mandarin or russian so where do I go? Live like a Hopi out with the hipi………mmmmmeeeeaaaaannnnnnn. Global warming got us out of an ice age…….what a bummer. I preferred the glaciers covering half the continent and my tribal-clan job throwing spears at dinosaurs who wanted me for an orderve. But some guys took all the meat and left us with just the tails to roast. Stone age man tribal association problems. Better get the cable guy involved………..he’s climbing the pole and plugging me in…….aaaahhhhhh…….now to tune in, turn off…….and rot away.

  2. I am never going to use Verizon for any service ever again. My mother in law passed away and had Verizon service at her home. My husband called Verizon to pay off her bills, and they told him he had to change the service to his name in order to pay the bill. He did what they told him to do and was slapped with an early termination service fee of $250.00, all because he didn’t want her bills left unpaid. We disputed this charge from January of 2018 through March of 2020, when we finally gave in and paid it to clear our credit report. MAKE NO MISTAKE THIS WAS THEFT.

    • Unbelievable, but it’s almost good to see that they don’t just do this to me. I have been so depressed over this, pay almost $300/month for internet and cell phone now.

      Frontier finally turned off my old service months ago, but continues to add $90+ to my bill every month. The AZ AG has not even contacted me regarding my complaint about Frontier.

      It’s like the ONLY reason they let me live is so I can hand over more of my hard earned money to these criminal organizations who steal with impunity. I’m so tired of this.

      And I can’t wait for Frontier to assign to collectors and / or try to put it on my credit. FYI, unless you negotiated for DELETION from your credit you shot yourself in the foot by paying. Don’t EVER pay a reported collection as it is deemed ADMISSION OF GUILT and your credit scores won’t go up at all (if it’s reported as collection account.)

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