The Environmental Working Group just released its 2019 UPDATE to water testing.

Amazingly, they even include Meadview’s Joshua Valley Water Company. And of course it’s the same water we drink in water haul.

“Serves: 957” — how do they know?  They couldn’t be talking about homes, right?  We don’t have that many people.

I’m really glad I got my Berkey, but I’m sad for the many people who don’t have a really good water purifier.

And I keep thinking how it can be that we have so many nitrates and all these pesticides, glyphosate etc., not in huge quantities, but considering that it could ONLY be contaminate our aquifer through RAIN — how much water is in our aquifer?

Many of these chemicals are fairly new, 20 – 30 years, I just can’t see how we can have any detectable amounts just from rain in the last 30 or so years, UNLESS there’s not a lot of water in our aquifer.  They say it’s going down a foot a year, but nobody knows how many feet we have.



KINGMAN is in trouble!

I posted about the Golden Valley and Kingman EXTREMELY high Chromium-6 levels last year:

Our supervisor Jean Bishop couldn’t care less.
Here’s an interesting 2016 article:

Chromium-6: ‘Erin Brockovich’ chemical threatens two-thirds of Americans

And nobody cares.

I realize that it’s expensive to get these chemicals out of our water.  But if it’s too pricey to filter the water, why not AT LEAST warn the residents so they can buy systems to clean their water?

And maybe provide FREE purifying systems to people living in poverty?