3/17/20: Empty shelves in Kingman supermarkets

I never thought I’d see empty shelves like I saw today.   Bread, potatoes, eggs, onions and even organic meat was in low supply.

No bread at Smith
3/17/20: Smith had sold out of the cheap bread, but I scored a fresh baked GMO free baguette.
low on organic meat
3/17/20: Only the most expensive organic meat was available
3/17/20: Smith was completely out of potatoes
3/17/20: Onions were in high demand too!
3/17/20: Smith’s onions were in high demand too

I went to Safeway next because Smith usually doesn’t have organic whipped cream and if they do have it, it’s over $6.   Just like Smith, Safeway was out of many staple foods and toilet paper.  Unlike Smith, they were sold out of many organic veggies too.

Safeway sold out of organic veggies
3/17/20: Safeway sold out of organic veggies

I’m sure they’ll be well stocked again soon as people run out of storage space.

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