Because our LAZY Supervisors refuse to make written information available to the public, here’s a brief summary of this idiotic waste-of-time press conference.

  1. No more unnecessary in-person business with the County.
  2. Schools will remain closed.
  3. Businesses will be closed, but may be open, bla bla bla
  4. Elective medical procedures are postponed.
  5. Hospital visits are seriously restricted.
  6. There’s not enough testing capabilities and it takes 5 to 8 days to get the results.  It will take at least 3 weeks until they have the equipment to test fast.
  7. Health Department Director Denise Burley said little of significance.  Notably, she failed to disclose how many tests have been administered and how many are awaiting results.
  8. The questions were about ICU beds, how many respirators, etc.
  9. Denise Burley stated that Mohave County is at extreme high risk due to our older population.  Incredibly, she had NO suggestions on how to boost the immune system or any thing else that people should know.
  10. The Health Department has had weekly meetings with healthcare providers since the first week of February.
  11. FINALLY, on testing — 101 tests taken at KRMC with 56 pending.
  12. Denise Burley stated that Mohave County will ONLY follow CDC guidelines and will NOT dispel false info provided by countless sources.
  13. Apparently they haven’t read

    Arizona man dies after taking chloroquine for coronavirus

    Instead of advising NOT not to take that stuff, they hyped the safety record of chloroquine!

  14. HYGIENE, HYGIENE, HYGIENE — seriously???  No explanation was provided.   Maybe someone could help me out here.  I don’t get it.
  15. They don’t know whether they’ll run out of equipment and drugs as they don’t control the supply chain.
  16. Mohave County is so incredibly disorganized, not even all the individual hospitals know how many tests they’ve taken and how many are pending.

Their advice:

Stay calm, be vigilant, practice good hygiene, think smart and be well.


41 minutes WASTED.

The Mohave County voted for this incompetence.  Too many people love misery, pain, disease and death. I won’t be surprised if they vote for Trump again.

Few people understand that our capitalist system can only survive on exploitation and misery.  Most don’t mind the exploitation of immigrants and minorities.  I also shop at 99 Cents, knowing that innocent workers suffer so that I can save a few bucks and the corporations and their shareholders get richer and richer.

Will some of our retirees at least take a stand for themselves — and their kids and grand kids?

Will they demand that our governments start to work for the PEOPLE?

They didn’t talk about federal government’s massive failure at the press conference.   Instead, they constantly praised the CDC.  They did a fine job NOT pointing out how Trump cut funding for emergencies and FAILED to ensure that America has the many millions of tests desperately required.

Here’s a summary on testing and the issues, such as the defective CDC tests:

Did US ‘Refuse’ COVID-19 Testing Kits from the World Health Organization?

And for some intelligent thoughts on COVID-19 check out Dr. Murray’s research: