While there’s talk about unemployment benefits for self employed, I’m out of cash now and it’s time to call the banks to see what my options are regarding my credit cards.   In January I bought a new sectional for the Airbnb I manage and I did some redecorating.   Now all my spring bookings are cancelled.

Airbnb generously refunded all MY money to the guests — as if I had created this virus.


Calling US BANK

There is NO option to make payment arrangements in the hellish voicemail menu, but luckily I somehow eventually got to hold music for a human.   After 19 minutes on hold I finally got to a person, but she could only change my address (in case the post office is closing).

I had been transferred to the department for leases and other loans, not credit cards. She transferred me again.

After 45 minutes I finally got to a person who could help me and she was very helpful.

For 30 days I don’t have to make payments because I have no income and there will be no late fees and so important, NO interest.  

Eventually I’ll be talking to US Bank and regulators about their about doubling my interest rate to around 25%.  I have no late payments, collections or any other derogatory data on my credit.  I pay my accounts on time.   There was NO reason to charge me 25% interest and this ought to be illegal.

They are FORCING people into default.   I’ll have to deal with that when I have more time.

50 minutes on the phone and probably saved me about $200 in interest/month.

So if you’ve been laid off or otherwise have financial problems due to COVID-19, call your bank and see what they have to offer!