Mohave County Racist LaJuana Gillette is STILL on the zoning board!

Local public racism is out of control!

Mohave County Planning & Zoning commissioner LaJuana Gillette posted her racism, sexism and immigrant hating on her Facebook.   Supervisor Ron Gould had appointed her, refused to remove her, and instead spewed LIES about gays in his PUBLIC statements.


The 1st Amendment is more than just Freedom of Speech…and our Mohave County government is flagrently violating it. I guess they think I will eventually get tired and go home. Clearly, they have not been paying attention.

J’aime Morgaine and other activists have demanded Gillette’s resignation at many zoning board meetings.  Many newspapers have showcased Gillette and supervisor Ron Gould.

What else can one do?   Our entire BOS is so incredibly racist and immigrant hating, no supervisor has an issue with Gillette.  They are SILENT.

Silence = Consent.

J’aime Morgaine’s Ethics Code violation Complaint with many screenshots of Gillette’s vile Facebook comments.




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