I just looked through the Meadview “News”  and I couldn’t find a single instance of ANY article or advertisement referencing the pandemic, Covid, social distancing, masks or any hint of concern for the lives of our mostly old and/or sick residents.

Over 3000 people died from Covid yesterday. 

After 9/11, we DESTROYED the Middle East to revenge 3,000 lives. Now, the Meadview leadership (COM and the businesses) doesn’t care about the lives of our many extremely vulnerable residents.  The articles and ads in the Meadview “News” entice folks from areas where Covid rules are actually enforced to come to Meadview to PARTY and have a GREAT TIME — as if there was no pandemic.

The churches are advertising their services and choir practice with absolutely NO mention of any precautions.

The Fisherman’s Landing is advertising games! 

Visitors recently told me that they were NOT treated well at the Landing and they felt it was because they were wearing masks.   Nobody else in the bar wore a mask.

One can only hope that the Luck of the Stupid holds for Meadview.

I’m hoping that I already had Covid with no symptoms, am so worried that I’ll kill one of our vulnerable residents.  I shop for a friend who just turned 80.   Since I’m frequently in Kingman or Vegas and need to take care of business, I try to isolate, but I have to deliver the groceries and get my mail.

University of Arizona Research Study – State of Arizona COVID-19 Antibody Testing Initiative FAQs

As part of a statewide research study, the University of Arizona is analyzing the blood samples of hundreds of thousands of Arizonans to determine who has developed antibodies against the virus that causes COVID-19.

You have to register at https://covid19antibodytesting.arizona.edu/ and my test is scheduled at North Country across from the cemetery in Kingman.