1/15/22 update: I have not received a response from Jonathan Kiser, the MCA, or anyone else.   Sadly, everything I wrote here is factual and there’s nobody in this hellhole called Meadview who cares about more than themselves and their clique.

1/27/22:  updated to include the 9/8/12 video of deputy Albright informing the board that members in good standing have the right to video record.

The MCA keeps sending me demands for payment of back dues despite the FACT that I was a member in good standing when they shut off my access card in 2013 because I video recorded and wrote here about the MCA board meetings, as specifically allowed by Arizona law.

I so regret that I didn’t sue the MCA back then.

Imagine what Meadview would be like if we had a COMMUNITY organization with:

  • a grief support group
  • an Alzheimer’s support group
  • a cancer support group
  • a daily wellness checkup group
  • a phone & computer support group
  • a gardening club
  • a community garden
  • an organic food co-op
  • social events, activities, music, dancing, parties, outings …

As a full-time Meadview resident since 2000, I’ve cried so much for the old and sick residents who were and still are wasting away in front of their TVs, eating only the awful Family Dollar “food”, with absolutely nothing to do in this miserable town.  

Leo was desperate for a place to meet people, make friends, hang out, play music, … but his kind wasn’t welcome anywhere and KRMC left him to die in his hot camper in July 2015 during a heatwave, without electricity and running water after suffering from diarrhea for weeks.  They should be prosecuted like any murderer and if there is a hell, it’s for the officers of the MCA and COM who not only refuse to assist these old and sick people but actively oppose any kind of assistance by residents like me.


In 2019 I watched a friend commit suicide because he and his wife could not get any home health care and she was too old and weak to pick him up after he fell.  KRMC, North Country and the rehab utterly failed them — as did Meadview.

First, he went outside and tried to blow his brain out, but he was too weak to pull the trigger.   After resting for a few hours, he overdosed on his pain pills.  A much better choice, peaceful and so much less trauma for the survivors.

I estimate that at least 20% of the Meadview deaths recorded as “natural causes” are actually suicide by opiates.  No autopsies, nobody cares.

Why does the Meadview News FALSELY portray Meadview as this beautiful paradise?

Jonathan Kiser is often referred to as Meadview’s top real estate agent and has long been the assistant editor of the Meadview News.

I can only conclude that Jonathan deliberately misrepresents Meadview to entice visitors to purchase property here by ignoring Meadview’s dark side, as evidenced by the lack of REAL information in the Meadview News.

Jonathan Kiser, why don’t you write about how people die here, the crime, sheriff Schuster’s outright refusal to recover stolen property, the ugly side of Meadview?

Jonathan, where can I read about Joanne decomposing for weeks until the Schwan’s delivery guy called the sheriff?

Jonathan, where can I read about Otto pulling the trigger in front of his house?

You had the opportunity to inform residents that Alzheimer’s can often be reversed through an organic diet, eliminating inflammatory foods, eliminating dementia-causing toxins and especially mold, taking supplements, doing brain and physical exercises, meditation, …

The COM board voted AGAINST healthy food and gardening and refuses to run our ads

Jonathan, why don’t you advocate for support groups and assistance?

You know as well as anyone that there is NO place to meet in Meadview aside from the MCA and since about 2004 the MCA has denied nonmembers access to support groups — and that’s why there aren’t any.

Jonathan, why do you ONLY care about sales commissions?

Jonathan, why do you have no compassion, no empathy?

So many seniors are so lonely and end up dying alone, often after they fell and couldn’t get up anymore.  Often not found until after their pets ate them.

The dogs are killed after they ate human flesh.

Jonathan, I know that YOU know as you list or try to list these homes.  Didn’t you smell the stench in Joanne’s trailer on Boulder?  Why don’t you care?

Since few in Meadview care for humans and are lacking any compassion and empathy (brain damage), maybe some will care about those dogs?

Don’t you all love dogs?

The MCA and Meadview were nothing like they are today until the board decided to make the MCA “exclusive” in the mid 2000s and made so many bad decisions.

My former neighbors Rick Sherwood and Grant Veile were instrumental, with Grant proudly announcing during his ILLEGAL campaign speech that they decided to remodel the kitchen as RESIDENTIAL instead of commercial.  Consequently, we have not had any more fundraisers that I’m aware of.

Many fundraisers used to be held at the MCA until it became too expensive to get the permit and pay to have the health department inspect the kitchen prior to events because it’s not a commercial kitchen.

The MCA’s 2013 illegal activities RESULTED in thousands of dollars for legal fees.

Running the MCA like the mob, the board decided to charge $25 late fees per MONTH!  

I called them out on their violation of state law and provided the board with the statute, but they kept claiming that the MCA is exempt.  However, the MCA is NOT above the law.  It’s not Skull & Bones.  And eventually, they had to issue many refunds and the late fee was lowered to $15 per year, the maximum the law allows.

Aside from the illegality of those usurious late fees, it really shows the mindset of the officers.  Even if it was legal, how could you possibly charge $25 every month for being late on a $35 dues payment?

Last year Casitas Palo Christi LLC acquired two lots, unfortunately in the MCA, and as the LLC manager, I contacted the MCA recently to find out whether I could attend MCA meetings, video record, and vote — prior to paying the dues for those lots for 2022.   Why should the LLC pay dues if it can’t vote?

The current board won’t let me attend meetings and vote for the LLC until I pay the delinquent dues for my home.

Year after year, the MCA is run by people with nothing but disrespect for the law and facts.

The current board members according to the certified letter I received today:

​Sharon Baur – President
Jack McGinnis – Vice President
Norreta Caldwell – Treasurer
Larry Reilley – Director
Clyde Haggerty – Director
Pam Steffen – Secretary

  • This board insists that I pay my delinquent dues despite their shutting off my card in 2013 when I was a member in good standing and my dues were paid.
  • This board continues to prohibit video recording of the board and member meetings — in violation of state law.

And they keep threatening me with filing a criminal complaint if I return to the MCA.   Slow learners.  There’ve been at least two occasions when they called 911 and the board members were humiliated by the deputy:

9/8/12: MCA president AJ called the sheriff because I was video recording the monthly meeting and the board was advised by the deputy that I had the LEGAL RIGHT to record.

They immediately ended the meeting:

By the next meeting, three board members had resigned, and eventually, the entire board resigned.   Then the old guard stepped up, Gladys Burk ran the association until the next election.

The MCA did not allow me to run for office.

I complied with the MCA requirements to run for office, but the “election committee” refused to put me on the ballot because I wanted to turn the MCA back into the community organization it was in the early 2000s.

Not only did they engage in voter suppression by making little or no information available to the absentee property owners, but they screened the candidates and simply wouldn’t put candidates on the ballot unless they approved of them.

When they tried to raise the annual dues from $35 to $40, I personally contacted absentee owners and landowner associations to get the word out about the dues increase.

The dues increase FAILED.

However, the dues increase DID pass after I had been banned from the MCA meetings and therefore was unaware of the proposed dues increase.   As my track record shows, the dues increase would likely have failed again if I had been able to campaign against it.

Obviously, dues refunds will have to be issued and the increase will have to be voted on again after I can attend the meetings again.

The above are just a few of the many illegal and unethical actions of the MCA board.

It’s a CONSPIRACY — the Meadview News refused our advertisements in support of the MCA



I’m so glad that I documented their vile actions.

This website needs a lot of work, but I’m properly motivated now to learn the new web design software and expose the Meadview corruption.  The site may not be functional as I work on it, please be patient. 

The transcript of the certified letter from the MCA I received today:
December 29, 2021

Dear Christine Baker,

The Meadview Civic Association, Inc. Board of Governors has denied your access to the facility, for what has been deemed as having unpaid assessments.  Meadview property owners who have unpaid assessments on any lot may not use the facility or attend meetings or vote until assessments on all lot(s) are current and in good standing.  Video recording is strictly forbidden to protect member’s [sic] privacy.  You must submit in writing and mail to the address above, a request to meet with the board for possible reinstatement before the end of the 30-day time period.  Access to the facilities is not a right, it is a revocable privilege and may be temporarily or permanently suspended by the Board of Governors, as provided in the By-Laws.  Returning to the Meadview Civic Association, Inc. without written approval will constitute in criminal trespass and a complaint will be filed with the Mohave County Sheriff’s office. If needed, further action will be pursued. Also, the Meadview Civic Association, Inc. is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance.


MCA Board of Governors

​Sharon Baur – President
Jack McGinnis – Vice President
Norreta Caldwell – Treasurer
Larry Reilley – Director
Clyde Haggerty – Director
Pam Steffen – Secretary

Could someone please teach them how to add new paragraphs?