My emailed inquiries to,


Subject: 7/30/22 MCA Candidate Forum attendance and video recording


Connie Hargreaves
Sharon Baur, MCA President and all current MCA board members:

I posted my questions with your notice of the 7/30/22 Candidate Forum posted on Facebook in All Things Meadview by Connie Hargreaves, but my questions remained unanswered [see attached screenshot].

1) Will you file a criminal trespass complaint against me if I attend the 7/30/22 Candidate Forum at the MCA?

“… Returning to the Meadview Civic Association, Inc. without written approval will constitute in criminal trespass and a complaint will be filed with the Mohave County Sheriff’s office. …”

I was threatened with criminal prosecution in the MCA 12/29/21 letter:

2) Will I be allowed to post the video recording of the Candidate Forum on YouTube for the benefit of the disadvantaged?

The OLD, SICK and POOR deserve to be informed too.

Is anyone else planning to make the video recording of the candidate forum available to the public?

Thank you,

Christine Baker

Here is the FB post with my questions and I will update here with the response.


MCA Candidate Forum FB questions

MCA Candidate Forum FB questions


7/28/22 Update: 

I didn’t receive a response (searched my inbox, deleted mail, junk and server spam for and and found nothing.

Resent my email:


I’ll greatly appreciate your response BEFORE the event!

The prompt response:

Dear Mrs. Baker,

Unfortunately, you are still under a ban from the Meadview Civic Association Facility.
Should you enter the facility a trespassing charge will be filed against you.
Thank you,


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