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Total Wireless refusal to accommodate people with disabilities

After my NIGHTMARE with Verizon, I finally decided to switch to Total Wireless, apparently my only other option since they also utilize Verizon, the only carrier with decent signal in our rural area.

Total Wireless = Straight Talk = Tracfone.

For weeks I’ve tried to discuss my options for new service with Total Wireless.  

They ADVERTISE their CHAT at their site, but I can’t find any way to start a chat on the computer.  I can no longer do the phone calls, my brain can’t take the stress and frustration anymore and every one of those extremely frustrating calls is a fantastic opportunity to suffer a heart attack or stroke as my blood pressure frequently exceeds 190 / 130.  Finally I resorted to texting, and just as expected, MORE FRUSTRATION!!!!

So I decided to start a new blog to chronicle my plight as a brain damaged person trying to survive in America.  Hopefully I’ll get the new blog set up next week and then I’ll be contacting the AARP, Alzheimer’s organizations, legislators, etc.

I’m slightly hopeful that we’ll soon have a human being for President and a Democratic Senate to enable the Democrats to reign in the corporations’ atrocious exploitation of Americans and especially the most vulnerable population, senior citizens, people with disabilities and of course the working stiffs, people of color.

We’ll see what happens, I’m not going down quietly …

My email to



Please advise WHY Total Wireless REFUSES to assist people like me who are old and have an extremely difficult time TEXTING. I have serious brain damage and I’ve just been through HELL with Verizon, got NOTHING BUT LIES instead of the promised services. So I thought I’d switch to Total Wireless and I have now wasted OVER 5 hours searching for a way to chat or email to ensure that my number will be ported, clarify the terms of the services I’ll be paying for, etc.


The advertised CHAT that doesn’t exist.

Yesterday I finally CALLED, spoke with your people in THREE departments, was finally told to click on “online chat”, but it’s NOT a link! Eventually, the last person I spoke with told me to go to “shop” and click around on the phones and I would eventually see a “chat bubble” come up. Like the village idiot, I did that. Chat never happened.

Today I finally resorted to texting HELP on my GOD DAMNED PHONE that I so hate with a passion.

As expected, the only thing I accomplished was to raise my blood pressure to 185 / 135 — THANK YOU! </ end sarcasm >

I have decided to PUBLICIZE my interactions with corporations like yours and hopefully we’ll soon have a President and Congress who will give just a tiny rat’s ass about the PEOPLE who are continually frustrated, exploited and defrauded by corporations like yours.

NOBODY could tell me how to do a CHAT on the computer so I can easily copy/paste/save to PROVE what I ordered and what was promised.

Many companies offer the option to email the CHAT so that I have a permanent record of the terms I agreed to.

I’m not the only person to suffer from SERIOUS brain damage like Alzheimer’s. We’re made fun of because we have a very hard time texting and some of us don’t even know how to change a password on those so called “smart” phones. You couldn’t care less, more fodder for you.

All you care about is your PROFITS, ripping off as many people as possible!


Most sincerely,

Christine Baker

c: posted at [this URL]

Some info on our now dissolved non profit

In case someone wants to do something POSITIVE for Mohave County, here are the bylaws from our 2011 non profit:
I’ll be glad to provide more info on incorporating, took excellent notes in our private “Directors Blog”.  It cost me about $450 and many hours, especially writing about the many obstacles we encountered, dealing with the County Zoning and regarding leading / buying a building.

Mohave County TERRORISTS are threatening to kill protesters – claim police back them 100%

6/4/20 11 am:  I updated below with Supervisor Jean Bishop’s disappointing response, condoning the threats to kill us by IGNORING them.   Nothing from Mayor Miles, KPD, Sheriff Schuster or any other official.  Racist bastards. There would have been SO many more peaceful protestors FOR equality and AGAINST murder if people hadn’t been threatened by the racist militia asswipes and claims that the law will stand 100% with the killer racists — NOT denounced by law enforcement!

I planned on attending this PEACEFUL protest at Locomotive Park in Kingman either on 6/2 and/or on Friday / Saturday:

Born in Germany in 1958, I was raised to be anti fascist.

“Never again!”

My entire life I’ve sought to understand why so many people are so hateful, violent, brutal — lacking compassion and empathy for their fellow human beings.  There is no better place than Mohave County — where Timothy McVeigh practiced bombing — to study racists, bigots, terrorists …

I grew up among white people and I was very afraid of “the black man” who would kidnap us if we didn’t behave.  I still remember how scared I was when we had a chimney sweep at our house and when an asphalt crew was parked outside.  Black was scary!

My grandma told me to stay away from the gypsies (brown people) as they’d surely rape me.

I was about 13 when I met the first real black person, Mikey, a few years younger, from a black US military family that had moved into our neighborhood.   I do not remember why or when I realized that “the black man” I was so afraid of was just a fairy tale to scare little kids.  We loved hanging out with Mikey, drinking, partying and practicing our English.

So what is wrong with so many ADULTS in Mohave County? 

Why are so many in Mohave County openly racist, violent and intolerant in 2020?

WHY are they THREATENING to KILL us for protesting the MURDERS of black people?

WHY are they not protesting WITH us?

Dave Riem:  Hey KINGMAN !
Get Ready!
The thugs will be in town this Tuesday through Saturday .
The two bitches hosting this need a sniper round .
And anybody else that gets in the way .
Polish your postols and wipe down your rifles .
Enough is enough !

Last night I sent this death threat to KPD via Facebook private message:

Have you arrested Dave Riem yet or do I have to contact the FBI?

When I didn’t receive a reply, I called KPD, ended up emailing the screenshot to officer Miller and he advised that there is absolutely NOTHING illegal about these threats! Somehow, Dave Riem did NOT threaten to kill us as per KPD and the counter terrorism people.

Is that Trump’s doing? Since when can you threaten to KILL someone?

Here’s another FB comment from this morning:

Terry Laufer:  Just fyi if anyone starts to riot or block the streets… we will shoot you dead and run you over…. 0% Discretion I have the family to defend… the police also stand with us 100%.

If someone blocks the streets, that’s an attack on Terry Laufer’s family?

Could someone explain that to me?

So here’s my next message to KPD:KPD thanked me for the information, but didn’t answer my questions!

You’re welcome.  Could you get the police chief to provide an answer to my questions?

Which side are you on?

Will you kill us when someone blocks a street or breaks a window?

Since I didn’t get a response, I finally spend my afternoon creating this post instead of working in my gardens on this cloudy and unusually cool day.

This corrupt County HAS to be held accountable.

It is time for CHANGE and to put the alt right nut job gun loving and people hating RACISTS and TERRORISTS in their place (preferable prison.)  These are the same people who dared BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Nevada during the Bundy confrontation and the government backed down.

A HUGE mistake!!!  As you can see, these VIOLENT thugs think they can get away with murder now.


I’m going to get this URL to KPD and Sheriff Schuster for answer to my questions:

Which side are you on?

Will you kill us when someone blocks a street or breaks a window?


UPDATE 6/4/20:

Sheriff Schuster and KPD IGNORED me.  No surprise there.

Supervisor Jean Bishop wrote on 6/3/20:


It is my understanding there were no issues with the protesters.  The event appeared to be very well organized, and the participants peaceful as they interacted well with other groups including KPD, MCSO, National Guard members and a small group of armed patriots/militia.
There has been no current intelligence shared with me pointing to specific threats other than social media comments that so far,  have not been confirmed.

Jean Bishop
Supervisor D-4

Sad.  NO support for equality and the cause.  No outrage over the racism.  No answers to my questions.

Law enforcement and Jean Bishop’s REFUSAL to deny that they stand with thugs like Bubba and Rick Armstrong who will “shoot you dead and run you over” if someone breaks a window or blocks a street.

Please note “Bubbah’s” comment below:  “People like you make me sick …”    Is he Terry Laufer?
These militant alt right THUGS are the PROBLEM!
6/4/20:  Right-wing extremists arrested for planning riots at protests in Las Vegas
6/4/20: Prosecutors describe racist slur as Ahmaud Arbery lay dying
And our law stands with THEM.

The end of LMRFD?

After Charlotte and Ellen resigned from the LMRFD board last fall, I stopped going to the board meetings since LMRFD uploaded the meeting videos too. As soon as I stopped attending the meetings, they stopped uploading recordings: LMRFD YouTube channel According to Jay Fleming, there are issues with volunteers and safety violations and you canContinue Reading

US Bank waives payments and interest for 30 days

While there’s talk about unemployment benefits for self employed, I’m out of cash now and it’s time to call the banks to see what my options are regarding my credit cards.   In January I bought a new sectional for the Airbnb I manage and I did some redecorating.   Now all my spring bookings are cancelled.Continue Reading

3/23/20 Mohave County Press Conference — incompetence documented

Because our LAZY Supervisors refuse to make written information available to the public, here’s a brief summary of this idiotic waste-of-time press conference. No more unnecessary in-person business with the County. Schools will remain closed. Businesses will be closed, but may be open, bla bla bla Elective medical procedures are postponed. Hospital visits are seriouslyContinue Reading

Mohave County declares state of emergency and encourages boiling our water

UPDATED 3/20/20:  Supervisor Bishop’s response to my questions is posted below. District 4 supervisor and chairwoman of the board Jean Bishop announced that the County declared a state of emergency to make federal emergency funds available faster.   There are NO confirmed cases, but nobody bothered to tell us how many people have been tested. SupervisorContinue Reading

3/17/20: Empty shelves in Kingman supermarkets

I never thought I’d see empty shelves like I saw today.   Bread, potatoes, eggs, onions and even organic meat was in low supply. I went to Safeway next because Smith usually doesn’t have organic whipped cream and if they do have it, it’s over $6.   Just like Smith, Safeway was out of many staple foodsContinue Reading

Merry Christmas — free Xmas dinner at the Dolan Springs Community Council hall

From the DSCC newsletter: The planning for the DSCC Christmas Dinner has brought us to the big day, Wednesday December 25th. This is only possible due to the generosity of the community in providing products and $, and most importantly because of our volunteers who generously give their time, energy and $ to serve ourContinue Reading

Updated EWG water test results — even Meadview is listed

The Environmental Working Group just released its 2019 UPDATE to water testing. Amazingly, they even include Meadview’s Joshua Valley Water Company. And of course it’s the same water we drink in water haul. “Serves: 957” — how do they know?  They couldn’t be talking about homes, right?  We don’t have that many people. I’mContinue Reading