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US Bank waives payments and interest for 30 days

While there’s talk about unemployment benefits for self employed, I’m out of cash now and it’s time to call the banks to see what my options are regarding my credit cards.   In January I bought a new sectional for the Airbnb I manage and I did some redecorating.   Now all my spring bookings are cancelled.

Airbnb generously refunded all MY money to the guests — as if I had created this virus.


Calling US BANK

There is NO option to make payment arrangements in the hellish voicemail menu, but luckily I somehow eventually got to hold music for a human.   After 19 minutes on hold I finally got to a person, but she could only change my address (in case the post office is closing).

I had been transferred to the department for leases and other loans, not credit cards. She transferred me again.

After 45 minutes I finally got to a person who could help me and she was very helpful.

For 30 days I don’t have to make payments because I have no income and there will be no late fees and so important, NO interest.  

Eventually I’ll be talking to US Bank and regulators about their about doubling my interest rate to around 25%.  I have no late payments, collections or any other derogatory data on my credit.  I pay my accounts on time.   There was NO reason to charge me 25% interest and this ought to be illegal.

They are FORCING people into default.   I’ll have to deal with that when I have more time.

50 minutes on the phone and probably saved me about $200 in interest/month.

So if you’ve been laid off or otherwise have financial problems due to COVID-19, call your bank and see what they have to offer!


3/23/20 Mohave County Press Conference — incompetence documented

Because our LAZY Supervisors refuse to make written information available to the public, here’s a brief summary of this idiotic waste-of-time press conference.

  1. No more unnecessary in-person business with the County.
  2. Schools will remain closed.
  3. Businesses will be closed, but may be open, bla bla bla
  4. Elective medical procedures are postponed.
  5. Hospital visits are seriously restricted.
  6. There’s not enough testing capabilities and it takes 5 to 8 days to get the results.  It will take at least 3 weeks until they have the equipment to test fast.
  7. Health Department Director Denise Burley said little of significance.  Notably, she failed to disclose how many tests have been administered and how many are awaiting results.
  8. The questions were about ICU beds, how many respirators, etc.
  9. Denise Burley stated that Mohave County is at extreme high risk due to our older population.  Incredibly, she had NO suggestions on how to boost the immune system or any thing else that people should know.
  10. The Health Department has had weekly meetings with healthcare providers since the first week of February.
  11. FINALLY, on testing — 101 tests taken at KRMC with 56 pending.
  12. Denise Burley stated that Mohave County will ONLY follow CDC guidelines and will NOT dispel false info provided by countless sources.
  13. Apparently they haven’t read

    Arizona man dies after taking chloroquine for coronavirus

    Instead of advising NOT not to take that stuff, they hyped the safety record of chloroquine!

  14. HYGIENE, HYGIENE, HYGIENE — seriously???  No explanation was provided.   Maybe someone could help me out here.  I don’t get it.
  15. They don’t know whether they’ll run out of equipment and drugs as they don’t control the supply chain.
  16. Mohave County is so incredibly disorganized, not even all the individual hospitals know how many tests they’ve taken and how many are pending.

Their advice:

Stay calm, be vigilant, practice good hygiene, think smart and be well.


41 minutes WASTED.

The Mohave County voted for this incompetence.  Too many people love misery, pain, disease and death. I won’t be surprised if they vote for Trump again.

Few people understand that our capitalist system can only survive on exploitation and misery.  Most don’t mind the exploitation of immigrants and minorities.  I also shop at 99 Cents, knowing that innocent workers suffer so that I can save a few bucks and the corporations and their shareholders get richer and richer.

Will some of our retirees at least take a stand for themselves — and their kids and grand kids?

Will they demand that our governments start to work for the PEOPLE?

They didn’t talk about federal government’s massive failure at the press conference.   Instead, they constantly praised the CDC.  They did a fine job NOT pointing out how Trump cut funding for emergencies and FAILED to ensure that America has the many millions of tests desperately required.

Here’s a summary on testing and the issues, such as the defective CDC tests:

Did US ‘Refuse’ COVID-19 Testing Kits from the World Health Organization?

And for some intelligent thoughts on COVID-19 check out Dr. Murray’s research:



Mohave County declares state of emergency and encourages boiling our water

UPDATED 3/20/20:  Supervisor Bishop’s response to my questions is posted below.

District 4 supervisor and chairwoman of the board Jean Bishop announced that the County declared a state of emergency to make federal emergency funds available faster.   There are NO confirmed cases, but nobody bothered to tell us how many people have been tested.

Supervisor Gary Watson suggested at about 5:45 that if necessary, residents who don’t use bottled water should BOIL the water.
WHY do we need to boil the water???

Mohave County is so incredibly UNPREPARED for any emergency, there is NO email list to inform residents of developments.


How MANY residents have been tested?

One person asked about financial assistance to the many now unemployed casino workers and Jean Bishop suggested they use their paid time off.

In the end at about 31:30 health department director Denise Burley asked that people WITH symptoms NOT go to the hospital!

WTF is going on in this County?

We have NO positives at all and they’re telling people WITH symptoms NOT to go to the hospital!!!!

Since we have no positives and people with symptoms are NOT to go to the hospital (or anywhere else), what is the hospital for?

Why are we NOT testing EVERYBODY with symptoms?

Most of you are voting for this madness!

As typical Republicans, they don’t believe in PROVIDING information to the residents.   We can waste our days trying to find information at the County website.  Talk about DISRESPECT!  That’s how our elected officials operate.  Nothing but contempt for the hard working people who pay their salaries.

Jean Bishop has been BLOCKING me on Facebook.

SHAME ON YOU, Jean Bishop!

This link emailed to for comments

I had written to supervisor Bishop:

“… I’ll greatly appreciate your comments and answers:

[This URL]”

And here is supervisor Bishop’s response, essentially NOT answering my questions, ignoring my concerns and answering questions NOT asked, such as how many cases there are.   WHY, Jean Bishop, WHY????

Dear Ms. Baker,

The total confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the state of Arizona as of this morning was 44.

Maricopa County has 22 cases,

Pinal County has 10 cases,

Pima County has 7 cases,

Navajo County has 3 cases,

Coconino County has 1 case

Mohave County has zero confirmed cases.

Public health plays a critical role in promoting and protecting health in our communities.  The Mohave County Department of Public Health, has dedicated staff that strive to be the best in their respective field.  The staff is updating the county website on issues relating to the coronavirus daily and stands ready to answer your questions.

Mohave County Public Health
700 W Beale Street
Kingman, AZ  86401
Telephone:  928-753-0748 | Fax:  928-718-5547
Hours:  Monday thru Friday | 8am to 5pm    

That’s it.  NO useful info whatsoever.

Notably, I called the health department for Director Denise Burley’s email and they refused to provide it.

Obviously, they’re just going to LIE, LIE and LIE … the usual Mohave County lies to try to cover up their and Trump’s miserable failures.  It takes freedom of information requests to get answers to the simplest questions, such as how many people have been tested in Mohave County.

3/17/20: Empty shelves in Kingman supermarkets

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Merry Christmas — free Xmas dinner at the Dolan Springs Community Council hall

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Updated EWG water test results — even Meadview is listed

The Environmental Working Group just released its 2019 UPDATE to water testing. Amazingly, they even include Meadview’s Joshua Valley Water Company. And of course it’s the same water we drink in water haul. “Serves: 957” — how do they know?  They couldn’t be talking about homes, right?  We don’t have that many people. I’mContinue Reading

Verizon so screwed me — VOTE to STOP legalized THEFT!

Updated 10/16/19 with a screenshot of the bill, I can finally access it.   NO word from Verizon. Updated 10/24/19:  Still NO word from Verizon.  STILL so many problems and my number still has not ported yet — it’s almost 4 weeks now. Several times I “chatted” with Verizon people (no more phone calls), every timeContinue Reading

The El Paso shooter’s racist white nationalist manifesto

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The TRUTH documented — history, reality, conspiracy — how America is radicalized

Updated 8/17/19:  Added pics to all videos for the people who have trouble reading and now you can just scroll down for the pictures to watch the videos 🙂 PUBLIC racism spreads through Mohave County, the country and the world.  Trump continues his assault not only on the people, but on all life on ourContinue Reading