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Please help the RUFFF rescues!

As most of you probably know, the Golden Valley RUFFF shelter has been shut down and I think 180 pets needed a new home.   While many have been adopted, here are some of the less fortunate pets (as of yesterday):

RUFFF Rescues looking for FOREVER home
RUFFF Rescues looking for FOREVER home

You may not be able to adopt a dog, but how about a few bucks or a bag of dog food for the Humane Society?

For more info, check the Miner:

Piglets available for adoption at the LMC Sanctuary

Diana and Aron have these cute little potbelly piglets available for adoption at their sanctuary in Lake Mead City:

The 5 piglets are 4 days old. Proud mama Sallie is in the middle and one-eared Rosemary on the left.

The piglets are available for adoption (as pets, NOT food) for a bag of feed.  Harry, the proud father:Continue Reading

The Flagstaff Second Chance Center SCAM?

It’s warming up and people are starting to look for KITTENS.

Yesterday Jerry Burch posted at the Kingman Community Yahoo group that they are once again looking for KITTENS.

A year ago I started to investigate the Second Chance Center as Jerry posted repeatedly that they “DESPERATELY” needed kittens.  Just kittens, not adult cats.

I had some email with Mark Markussen and Kristen Gruen from the Second Chance Shelter.  My 2/9/11 email to Kristen Gruen got no reply:

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