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A few more weeks to fiber optics Frontier DSL

I read that some people already enjoy the new “high” speed Frontier DSL and called Frontier to see what’s going on.  They said it’ll “probably” be another 3 weeks to have all of Meadview on fiber optics.   I was really hoping that for once we wouldn’t be last out here in LMC / Unit 7, but I suppose that’s just how it is.

Here are the results of a speed test I just did:

As so often, getting about half of what I pay for, .55 Mb/s download speed.

Frontier telephone and internet service is out again

Update 1/23/17 7 PM:  Up and running again!   Unfortunately it will still be 8 to 10 weeks for fiber optics as all their boxes have to be upgraded.

Update 1/23/17 5 PM:  Some of the cards fried when the power went out and they are working on it, hoping service will be restored tonight.


Major wind and rain storm last night!   I finally called Frontier and was told that there’s a power outage and once the power is back on, they can check to see what’s wrong and may have to replace equipment again.  Don’t know whether the power is out in Meadview since I’m off the grid.

Hopefully it’s nothing like before Thanksgiving when I didn’t have internet for a week after the box on Charles was hit by lightening.  Incredibly, the prepaid Verizon data I bought for that outage just expired YESTERDAY.  I wish the Verizon prepaid data didn’t expire after 60 days.

LOCAL Frontier telephone service works, but not long distance.

Fiber optic cable on Charles

This afternoon I was thrilled to see that they were almost done running the fiber optics cable on Charles. I can’t wait to finally get usable internet! Haven’t had time yet to post about my Thanksgiving week with NO Frontier internet and how the Frontier billing people kept me on hold for over half anContinue Reading

Today’s Frontier phone and internet pricing and hidden Verizon Wireless charges

My head is about to explode after researching the various Verizon plans, hidden charges and things you can NOT do … So I finally set up a new account at — they used to charge $3 to pay your bill online unless you agreed to electronic statements, I like my paper bills and they’reContinue Reading

Verizon and Frontier HIGH speed internet options

First the big news about Frontier fiber optics high speed internet According to Mark Abrams, Frontier Communications, Kingman, we will get HIGH SPEED fiber optics to Meadview within a year.   Currently the only holdup is getting the permits (easements) from BLM (and state?) and from one private property owner to run the fiber optics lineContinue Reading

Verizon wireless data (internet) rocks!

It’s been practically impossible for me to work on my websites with the Frontier DSL — too frustrating to wait and wait and wait.  Often I’d start doing something else while waiting and by the time I got back to web design or posting pictures, I forgot what I was doing! I have received veryContinue Reading

Getting ready to sue Frontier over DSL billing fraud

Update 6/22/16: I sued Frontier in summer 2015 and settled for $500 at mediation. They also finally reduced the DSL fee to $20/month, but my total Frontier bill is still over $80 — too much and I’m considering porting my number to Verizon. —————————- It’s been 2 years since I got on a 2-year contractContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Frontier server move results in internet connection disruption

Yesterday I lost my DSL connection. I unplugged the modem, restarted the computer and nothing helped.  I finally called Frontier and after the usual tedious unplug the modem routine, the guy apparently realized that they had moved to a new server.  In the process, they changed my Frontier (not the wireless) password.  This might haveContinue Reading

Frontier horrible service, can’t get my voicemails

After 12 years with Frontier I’ve had my share of problems: phone service turned off because they applied my payment to the wrong line CONTINUALLY overcharging me to the tune of $90/month while I was on a contract for about $70. SLOW DSL — the Frontier reps and especially Kim are trying hard, but weContinue Reading