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A/C troubles? Learn how NOT to get ripped off!

About 5 years ago I recommended a new local A/C guy to a friend who wanted the outside unit moved.  Shortly after the move the A/C quit working and our local guy looked at it for a while and then told my friend that he had to think about it.  My friend never heard from him again, installed a window AC instead and I now run the house as Airbnb.  Of course central A/C would be much better than just the window unit.  I already have a new 240V big ass window unit, but I’d rather have the central A/C fixed — if I can get a reasonable estimate.

Both lines have to be re-brazed:

This valve is leaking:

I’ve now received two repair estimates. 

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The truth about William’s arrest

The rumor mills in Meadview have been churning and much has been said about the arrest of Meadview post office employee William Schwartz last Wednesday.  Here is the Facebook discussion in Meadview Uncensored.

Yesterday I got the documents.  Fish & Wildlife searched his house, initially looking for illegally harvested cacti, but finding 24.9 grams of meth and everything needed to sell it, even a price list.

He was charged with possession and intent to sell.   They put a camera on his house in early August, but no need to worry if you’ve been buying from William, I don’t think anyone cares.

Initially they let his girlfriend Jeannie Elizabeth Cheney walk away, but later they changed their mind and that’s who they were looking for on Saturday.  What a waste of resources!  She was only charged with possession.

On Monday William was released in Flagstaff.  One of the release conditions is that he should go back to work, but I don’t know whether he still has a job.

Notably, there are NO charges related to anything post office.

And while many think he got released because he “flipped” (such a popular word these days), the initial complaint is only for possession and the AMENDED complaint is for distribution.


The best part is the affidavit with the price list and all.  And Jeannie sure liked talking, telling them that there were weed, meth and syringes in the house.

As I’m looking at the affidavit for the amended complaint again, it looks like the price list was made for Jeannie “To J.”, stating her cost, “sell at” and “make.”   Not rocket scientists at work here.

I think it’s all really sad.  William and Jeannie are just two of so many. 

When I had heard about William and drugs, I thought he smoked weed, like most people here.  Seems like half the town has a medical card and even some diehard Reefer Madness type marijuana haters are now getting their medicine at the Vegas dispensaries (no medical card needed).

Meth really sucks though and it hurts everybody:

The addicts, their families and the entire community.

My request for information about the County condemnation and demolition procedures to Tim Walsh

Supervisor Jean Bishop abandoned my neighbor, handed him over to Tim Walsh for more torture.  I got absolutely no response regarding the many issues addressed in my previous posts.

NOTHING is resolved and we’re looking at ALL options, including legal.

I started a new forum dedicated to stop the County’s condemnation of homes built pre 2008, when building code compliance was not required and the County did not inspect during construction.

There’s lots of research to be done and I’m certain that we will have to find an attorney from the Phoenix metro area.  Not only is it morally wrong to hound and persecute us old people who just want live in peace out here, but I see abuse of power and constitutional issues.  It’s complicated.

So here’s my email to Tim Walsh, P.E., Director Development Service Department, copy to supervisor Jean Bishop.


Subject: My neighbor [redacted] condemned house

Dear Mr. Walsh:

As the County failed to honor our requests to let my neighbor live in peace, I am going to take this wherever it needs to go to protect our homes.

Almost all homes in our rural area were built pre 2008, when code compliance and inspections were NOT required.

1) Why does the County have the right to NOW demand code compliance?

2) Where can I find the regulations pertaining to pre 2008 building requirements online?

3) Where can I find the procedures for condemnation and subsequent demolition by the County online?

4) How many structures has the County condemned since 2008?

5) How many structures has the County demolished since 2008?

We’ll greatly appreciate your prompt response.


Christine Baker

c: Supervisor Jean Bishop
Posted at:
[this URL]


The recorded condemnation notice

Yesterday evening I finally got to take pictures of the notice George posted and I’m still shocked. The house was actually condemned ON THE RECORD (officially recorded), Ed Kulik states to contact GEORGE LANGLEY for more info, the same George that told me that he just puts up the notices and doesn’t know anything andContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Mohave County condemned my neighbor’s old house

I could spit nails! The County posted an “abatement notice” at a neighbor’s property and earlier today I called Edward Kulik, chief building honcho (no title on the MC website). My neighbor is only out here occasionally because it’s too remote for his wife, but he enjoys the solitude. He built the house about 20Continue Reading

UPDATE: Diamond Bar Road fatal accident | Kingman Daily Miner | Kingman, AZ

Source: UPDATE: Diamond Bar Road fatal accident | Kingman Daily Miner “… Rescue personnel were on the scene quickly and tried to save the driver, but were able to get the survivors to the hospital. There were also off-duty medical professionals from out of state who stopped and performed CPR, which played a huge factorContinue Reading