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Thursday 10/12/17: FREE food workshop in Meadview Unit 9


Building a Sustainable Diet

Consumer Reports is partnering with local community members around the country to hold workshops around eating a more sustainable diet.  Working with Consumer Reports experts, these workshops will include strategies and tips for making our diets more sustainable — good for us and good for the planet.

This event will be focused on the importance of eating sustainably and what we can do right away to adopt better food habits.

·        Have you always wondered what “organic” means?

·        Or how to determine what is organic?

·        Or what to do with food that seems to be past its prime?

·        Or how to find AFFORDABLE organics?

This FREE workshop is for you!

Please contact me to RSVP and for directions at 564-2642 or at

      Meadview, Unit 9

      Thursday, October 12, 2017

      2 – 4 pm

Limited seating!  Door prizes!

We’ll have at least one aloe to give away, a variety of seeds, etc.

Please also contact me if you are interested in future workshops! 

We’ll be growing, preparing and eating healthy food and I’ll be doing some workshops on medicinal plants and spices for optimum health in Meadview and possibly in Dolan Springs.  As I’ve posted before, in clinical trials many Alzheimers patients have had incredible improvements and we CAN prevent and even cure Alzheimers, cancer and many other diseases through DIET.

I’m so excited about my first tests with hydroponics without electric — no pumps or lights.  The first lettuce and basil seedlings are about an inch tall and I can’t wait to start harvesting.

Hydroponics without pumps

Open letter to LMRFD and voting on the annexation of all of Meadview

You may have heard that LMRFD is going to put on the ballot the annexation of ALL Meadview and Lake Mead City properties into the fire district.

I expected the board to do this IMMEDIATELY after they were elected last year.  They did NOTHING.  Several times I brought the issue up at the monthly board meetings and finally they decided to move ahead.

However, even with ALL of Meadview in the district we will NOT have 2 staff at all times in Meadview.

Additionally, the fire board has been a GIANT disappointment.

They refused my offer to VOLUNTEER to secure and update their website and to set up a subscription button for a mailing list so that residents could get an email with the reminders for board meetings and election and LMRFD news, etc.

Steve Berg finally resigned, but Charlotte Kieffer is at least as reckless as Berg, former Meadview fire chief when our wonderful Grapevine Mesa Fire District went BANKRUPT and they made the awful choice to consolidate with Dolan, leaving us in this dire situation with no emergency medical services.

LMRFD EMTs are to request credit card information prior to patient transports.

LMRFD board member Charlotte Kieffer (Dolan Springs) decided that we need to increase revenue by taking CREDIT CARD information prior to ambulance transports.   Bobby Porzio (Meadiew) vehemently spoke up AGAINST this CRAZY idea and I totally agree with him.

Chief DeMaio stated that he researched ambulances services taking credit card info and he only found one:  in South Africa.  Other board members had looked into it, found nothing.


Not only is it unethical to ask for payment from people with EMERGENCY medical conditions and the EMTs will likely be uncomfortable asking for a credit card (I would QUIT!), but the first ID theft lawsuit will probably bankrupt LMRFD.  Or maybe patients will sue for the STRESS caused when they were asked about payment.  Many Meadview people are not wealthy and the thought of having to PAY for the ambulance ride will stress them and could even add to their medical problems.

Maybe a patient will die due to the delays caused by the request for credit card info.

Charlotte Kieffer insisted on going ahead with this stupid idea and they’re actually paying a lawyer for research!

I can’t remember when the board voted on this, but  NONE of the board members opposed this giant waste of money on Monday.  I’m SO disappointed!

The decline in ambulance revenue.

It’s been mentioned several times at board meetings that the ambulance calls are DOWN.

Any reasonable person would immediately analyze the calls to try to determine what’s happening. MANY Meadview medical emergencies DRIVE THEMSELVES  (or are driven by family/friends/neighbors) to the hospital.

Any reasonable person would conclude that action must be taken to instill more confidence in LMRFD.

But our fire board couldn’t care less, refuses to invite the public to meetings and outright refuses to provide relevant info at  Instead, the board now focuses on collecting the VERY LOW 17% or so of unpaid ambulance bills (likely due to Obamacare).

However, the delinquent bills will NOT be collected through credit card info obtained prior to transport because they can only charge the credit cards AFTER billing AND AFTER receiving authorization to charge the card!  So IF someone wants the bill to be charged to their credit card, they could provide the info when they are billed and there is absolutely no need to ask for that info prior to transport.

All this proves that LMRFD is NOT the solution for Meadview.

Meadview needs to look into forming an “emergency medical” district instead of annexing all of Meadview to LMRFD.  I don’t even know if that’s possible, but we really don’t need fire services — every time there’s a big accident I see Kingman, Golden Valley, etc. up here.

Meadview needs to decide what’s important:

A big fire truck?

Or EMTs who will actually provide emergency medical services, live in Meadview, know the roads and know the people.

I’ll be posting a lot more info on LMRFD and the election. I recently had NO internet / phone for 3 weeks over a 4 week period with 3 Frontier tickets, each with a 5 to 7 day wait for repairs that failed within hours or days.  This is 21st century America.  Are the right wing nuts right about Agenda 21?

If the people of Meadview do not step up and take back their town, its decline will continue until only druggies and thieves will want to live here.

It’s YOUR choice!

My email to LMRFD chief Tony Demaio:

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The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed — free documentary

This 7 part series is free on Youtube, but each episode is only available for 24 hours and it started yesterday.   I just watched the beginning of the first episode and it is about the medical benefits of cannabis (marijuana). Meadview is known as one of few Arizona communities where it’s legal to grow cannabisContinue Reading

U.S. Life Expectancy Declines

The Kingman farmers market sells GMO and glyphosate laden corn without any disclosure.  Feed people lots of toxic high fructose corn syrup (in almost all non organic processed food) and many will die off shortly after retirement.  The people in charge are geniuses. Trump will likely support the ever increasing use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicidesContinue Reading

Swimming in the Colorado at Pierce Ferry

We had SO much fun yesterday!   It was the perfect late afternoon to head to the Colorado for some swimming and just clowning around.    Here’s a short video: Even I swam, although only for a few seconds after I accidentally walked off the sandbank into deep water.   I saved my beer! It wasn’t too hot,Continue Reading

Prostate cancer and how NOT to diagnose and treat it

Dr. Mercola’s excellent article: How to Survive Prostate Cancer Without Surgery, Drugs, or Radiation The article summary: Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. In the US, about 230,000 men get diagnosed every year but only about 27,000 die each year from the disease. What we don’t know is how many of thoseContinue Reading

Sakura Sushi & Grill review and why I’ll skip the meat at restaurants from now on

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