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Solar cooking on this warm and sunny Sunday

It couldn’t have been any nicer today:

No wind and no chem trails, not too hot — one of those perfect days. And our farm stand is beginning to take shape.

Yesterday we cooked the first half of a delicious Kabocha squash with carrots and onions and today we improved on it with a bunch of cherry tomatoes and some peppers:Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving and a recipe in case you eat too much

I don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to overeat, I do it all the time!

A recipe in the HerbMentor News caught my attention.  It requires fennel, ginger and orange peel.

We are NOT growing any fennel, so that’s definitely an herb to add to our ever increasing selection of medicinal herbs in our gardens.  I did plant several ginger roots in pots this spring as they can’t take the cold, just like the orange trees.  But at least the ginger plants are relatively small and unlike trees, we can bring them into the house.Continue Reading