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Storms, rain and beautiful sunsets

The weather has been great!  A little rain here and there, it cooled off, but it’s also very HUMID.  At almost 11 pm it’s 78 F outside, not bad at all.

Yesterday I didn’t get a lot of rain, it drizzled off and on, but apparently a couple miles over on Charles it rained pretty good and Peach was running.  Meadview also got a lot more rain.  Tomorrow we have an 80% chance of rain and we might get some real storms.

July 11, 2017 sunset
July 11, 2017

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Finally some real rain and it cooled off too!  77 F outside right now at 3:30 pm.   Love it!

rainUntil a few days ago my high inside was around 85 F,  but it’s 87 F now and would be 89 by tonight if we didn’t have the storm.  Hopefully I can get the house cooled down again.  As long as we have mid 70s for a low I’m good here without ANY cooling other than a USB fan plugged into my notebook or power pack.

We’re just under 1/4″ of rain,  but it is still softly raining now.  Could use a little more!

Update:  Got a little more rain off and on, perfect.   5:30 pm 72 F — 60s?

Another storm — another Frontier outage

Yesterday internet and DSL were out all day and if finally came back on in the evening, only to go out again around 7:30 am this morning.   Friday night was one of the worst wind storms we’ve had in a while, so I wasn’t too surprised about the outage yesterday.   Maybe they’re still fixing stuffContinue Reading

Live updates: Evacuations below Oroville Dam

It’s hard to believe that Lake Mead also overflowed and the road over the dam had to be closed — in the 90s. Sure hope the Oroville Dam will hold until they can make the repairs. Source: Live updates: Evacuations below Oroville Dam remain in effect as officials try to make repairs before new stormsContinue Reading

70s in the forecast – FINALLY!

Updated 2/6/17:   It is so frustrating to have so many cloudy days. Last week we had one really nice day, I think on Wednesday, and Saturday also wasn’t bad, but we were seriously sprayed.  Yesterday and today it was cloudy most of the day.  Depressing! Update 6/12/17:  Last Thursday was another very nice day, butContinue Reading