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Berkey Water Purifiers

I purchased my Berkey a few months ago, when I realized that Mohave County and Arizona don’t test for Chromium 6 and many other toxins.

While our Meadview aquifer water quality isn’t nearly as bad as in many cities and farming communities, we also have relatively small amounts of every pesticide I ever heard of.  And of course glyphosate.

I’ve been drinking our water for 18 years and I feel perfectly fine, but I also know that many toxins accumulate.  I’m 60 years old, don’t believe in and can’t afford conventional medicine and I feel it’s time to take some preventive measures.  I ended up buying the 6 gallon Royal Berkey for about $360 with a stainless steel water bottle.  I know others who used the Berkey purifiers for years and have been very happy with them.

I especially like that the Berkey does not require electricity as I live off grid.    And while I don’t have a 10-year food supply and I don’t prepare for the end of the world, it is good to know that I could drink pond water after running it through the Berkey in an emergency.

I chose the largest model because I often have company and we go through a lot of water.   Sometimes the dogs drink it too.

The Various Berkey Filters

The fluoride filters are rated for 1000 gallons and the charcoal filters for 3000 gallons.   So I”ll have to change the two fluoride filters about every 2000 gallons and the two charcoal filters about every 6000 gallons.  My Berkey actually holds a total of 8 filters so you can add more filters for faster refills.

Some models come with ceramic filters instead of the black charcoal filters and here is a detailed explanation of the different filters:

In conclusion, both filters are outstanding performers with a long proven track record and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, however the Black Berkeys last much longer, are more comprehensive in the array of contaminants they filter out, and have an advantage in their ability to remove many of these contaminants to a higher percentage.  This is why they are our Flagship filter. …

I’m so glad I got the black charcoal filters, didn’t even know about the ceramics when I purchased.

Priming the Filters

Videos also show how to prime the filters and I was very apprehensive after reading reviews with complaints about how hard it was.  Berkey does sell an optional priming tool, but I found it was easy to prime the filters once I lowered the water pressure at the kitchen faucet and it stopped spraying at me. 😉

I’m also very glad I got the Berkey because there’s no need for bottled water — no more plastic bottles!