8/25/18:  We don’t currently have monthly meetings, but instead occasional workshops

Our Facebook High Desert Gardening group

This was the announcement for a meeting in 2013 or so.

Preparing for winter gardening

Greenhouses, raised beds, cold frames, row covers …

We’ll also bring:

  • Large selection of cover crop seeds
  • Winter veggie and salad seeds.
  • Videos on various winterizing techniques
  • Door prizes:  plants, seedlings, red wiggler worms, gardening tools, pots, labels …

Everybody gets to take some seeds!

At the Lake Mead City Music Hall
(Pear & Byron, take Charles east to Pear, turn right, go one block to the metal building on the right side just before you get to Byron — see map below)

FALL & WINTER gardening

We’ve been gardening without chemical fertilizers or pesticides (organic)  in raised beds, garden beds, an adobe greenhouse and carport / greenhouse.

I’ve had a little veggie and herb garden for 10 years, but had assumed that it was too cold to garden in winter.

Why didn’t anyone tell me how incredibly EASY it is to grow fresh delicious organic salad through winter?

Winter is the perfect time for salads and winter veggies in our climate.  Most critters and bugs are hibernating or not yet born and you don’t need to water a lot.

More info is at High Desert Fall and Winter gardening

Please email for more info.

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