We almost finished our new hoophouse and it’s time to PLANT.  At the next meeting we’ll discuss which winter veggies and salads grows well together and what to plant apart.

I just ordered 500 ft of Agribon lightweight row cover and please let me know if you need some.

83″ (6.9′) x 10 ft:  $6

83″ x 20 ft: $10 — 50 cents per running foot for custom cuts over 10 ft.

83″ x 50 ft” $20 — 40 cents per running foot for custom cuts over 50 ft.

Prices include tax and are for gardening club members only.

We’ll probably have a little online store at our personal website High Desert Permaculture  soon and we’ll ship and deliver to Kingman, GV and maybe even Bullhead, but prices will be about 30% higher to the general public.

I decided to have our UNMODIFIED native soil in our new hoophouse tested we’ll discuss the results in a future meeting.  We’ll also compile a list of organic fertilizers and amendments suitable for our native soil — probably at the first December meeting.