This Wednesday 5/2/12 at 3 pm we’ll meet at our hoophouse.

Please note the new meeting time. By afternoon there’s SHADE in front of our house and we can actually be comfortable and even watch some videos.

We finished Lee’s attached raised bed!

As many of you know, we’ve been building a raised bed for Lee and it was a bit more complicated than expected. First of all, we had to finish the house siding where the bed was going to be. Then we used THIN blocks (since Lee had them), half the width of the blocks normally used for beds. Since we were going 3 rows up, we needed to use concrete and pipe or rebar in every block. Normally we just use adobe and rebar at the corners. Lee had some old fiberglass panels and we framed them as two covers. One cover would have been two heavy for her to lift. If you can use fiberglass panels, Lee has more!

Today we took some mulch and a couple hundred worms and Lee had screened some more local dirt to get the bed ready for planting. Lee already has many plants growing inside and it’s time for them to get some SUNSHINE. We’ll post some pictures soon.

Farm stand update

Unfortunately we had NO time to work on it. Got the lumber weeks ago, but we got so busy with our many other projects. We’re taking apart a long wheelchair ramp in Golden Valley and get to keep the lumber. It was just built last year, but then the mobile home burned down. There are some nice 20′ 2 x 10s, but unless someone with a trailer happens to get to GV and can pick them up for us, we’ll have to cut them to get them home.

Hopefully we’ll at least get started on the farmstand before the meeting. We’ll cut the lumber to size and pre drill and might even put the walls together here before taking it to Canyon’s End.

It’s definitely PLANTING time now.

We’ll talk about summer greens (the lettuce is already bolting) and getting summer veggies in the ground. Do NOT plant in the morning unless you cover the transplants with shade cloth or it is a cloudy day. It’s best to plant in the evening, water well PRIOR to transplanting and afterwards. Add a little kelp to the water and even better,AACT (actively aerated compost tea). Make sure your plants are not going to get hit by our ferocious winds and of course keep the critters out.