The Lake Mead Community Center is an EDUCATIONAL and CHARITABLE 501(c)(3) organization.  Memberships are currently FREE.

We incorporated in June 2011 and planned on renting a building suitable for retail of locally made arts and crafts, a community garden and occasional swap meets. As we were ready to sign the lease, we found out that the property would have to be rezoned and that it would need a new septic and other major upgrades.  This seems to apply to ALL properties currently zoned commercial (office).

Since we don’t have the funds to pay for major upgrades and rezoning, we decided to start with a garden club.  We will have monthly meetings and we will share seeds, seedlings and our gardening experiences.

We will also add a gardening section to this site along with a classified section.

We hope to be able to lease space for a community garden along Pierce Ferry between Smith and Charles.


Organic and GMO free Community Garden

We will grow organic food in the community garden and create awareness of the dangers of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified food.

We reside in a very harsh high desert climate with lows of 4 degrees in 1/11, several 9 degree nights in November and December 2010 and many 100+ degree days in summer. Gardening can be very challenging. However, we have a number of beautiful and productive private gardens in our area and it is very rewarding to grow healthy organic food while saving money on grocery bills.

• We will plant veggies, salads, berries, herbs, medicinal plants, grains and fruit and nut trees.

• We will demonstrate various growing techniques: raised beds, sunken beds, companion planting and irrigation systems.

• We will demonstrate how to deal with critters, cows, wind, heat, hail …

• We will set up a hoop house with insulating greenhouse film for winter crops by fall 2011.

• Members who can’t or don’t want to start their own gardens can share a plot in the community garden or hoop house and are encouraged to organically grow a wide variety of non GMO plants.

• We will create a native plants exhibit.

• We will provide cost effective and safe alternatives to GMO seeds, pesticides and chemical fertilizers and various gardening materials to members.

• We will sell produce and plants.

Healthy Living

Information and classes on canning, food dehydrating, nutrition, healthy cooking and vegetarian and vegan recipes, medicinal plants, meditation, color therapy, aroma therapy, first aid, etc.

Arts & Crafts

We will organize workshops for ceramics, painting, jewelry making, quilting, wood working, papercrete projects, ethanol production and other member interests.

We will rent shelf space in the Center to members for the promotion of locally produced arts and crafts.

Computer & Internet

We will provide a computer and internet service for members and we will also assist members with computing problems.


The Center library will contain books, DVDs, CDs for research at the center and to loan to members.

Chickens, ducks and geese

Chickens in a chicken tractor and/or movable pen produce eggs for sale, they eat garden waste and weeds and produce organic fertilizer for the garden. Geese make a wonderful supplemental alarm system.

Recycling and assistance to needy members

We will accept furniture, household items, clothes, plants, tools and appliances in good or repairable condition.  On Saturdays (weather permitting) we will offer donated items for sale and members may also set up tables for a nominal fee to sell their goods.

Low income members may request specific items free of charge. Donated goods that are not sold will eventually be offered free of charge to members and if there is no interest, to the general public.

We accept shredded paper for use with papercrete arts and crafts projects.

BBQs, salad bars, ice cream socials, auctions

Occasionally we will hold special events and auctions.