Mohave County crime, roads, fire district LMRFD, library, water and other issues

This page is specifically about Mohave County District 4:  Golden Valley, Chloride, Dolan Springs and Meadview / Lake Mead City.

It’s ELECTION time and considering the impassable roads, crippled libraries, free ranging cows, etc. I went looking for causes and solutions.  I found next to no info anywhere, read through a lot of Facebook chatter and decided to create informational pages on the issues along with the candidates’ and residents’ factual analysis and proposed solutions.

  • Water — limit mega farms, drain Lake Powell
  • Zoning laws — County changes to ag exemption, requirements for building inspections, encouraging local food production
  • Crime — most locals don’t even bother to report thefts
  • Road maintenance — Lake Mead City and Meadview roads suck!  4 people died 7/24/16 at 93 and Pierce Ferry.  One of many accidents. The future I-11 freeway needs an overpass ASAP.
  • Libraries — I wondered why the Meadview library is only open 3 days times a week and only for a few hours.  Apparently a 1/4 cent sales tax proposed by Supervisor Jean Bishop was rejected by the other supervisors.  Do the other districts not have libraries?  Do they have more funds? More volunteers? What’s going on, Meadview and Dolan Friends of the Library?  I searched and found the Chino Valley Friends of the Library website.  What’s up with Dolan and Meadview?
  • Recycling Centers — Fairbanks, Alaska, had 3 recycling centers.  Residents dropped off stuff they didn’t need, it was sorted by type such as appliances, kitchen stuff, furniture, clothes, toys, tools, etc and anyone could go pick stuff up free.  We have no Habitat store and everything goes to the dump — where salvaging is strictly prohibited.
  • Cows — end free ranging along Stockton Hill, Pierce Ferry and residential areas.
  • Fire and ambulance  — most LMC and Meadview residents drive themselves to the hospital or have friends/family drive them because it’s so much faster. The Meadview fire station is not staffed properly, there are no volunteers and our next supervisor needs to get us the funds that are available such as PILT funds and all of Meadview needs to be annexed to the fire district.  We can’t expect services we don’t pay for!