Storms, rain and beautiful sunsets

The weather has been great!  A little rain here and there, it cooled off, but it’s also very HUMID.  At almost 11 pm it’s 78 F outside, not bad at all. Yesterday I didn’t get a lot of rain, it drizzled off and on, but apparently a couple miles over on Charles it rained prettyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Fire board is going for TAX INCREASE

This is so incredibly frustrating. Here we are, in one of the most conservative areas in the entire country, and all they can do is RAISE TAXES. I have had discussions with board member Charlotte Kiffer over a year ago about the fact that so many Meadview properties are NOT in the fire district.  They’llContinue Reading

WSJ: Post office subsidizes Amazon package deliveries

Just when I thought I’d seen it all.   According to the Wall Street Journal article Why the Post Office Gives Amazon Special Delivery: … The U.S. Postal Service delivers the company’s boxes well below its own costs. Like an accelerant added to a fire, this subsidy is speeding up the collapse of traditional retailers inContinue Reading

Meadview post office CLOSED while they sort mail

Updated 6/29/17 after Loretta banned me from the hardware store. ————————————————————- Just when I thought I’d seen it all.  Yesterday I made the 10 mile trip to the Meadview post office to mail a letter to Germany and I arrived around 4:30 pm:   I was furious!    I’m so incredibly busy, have no time orContinue Reading

My open Letter to District 4 Supervisor Jean Bishop regarding roads

In response to my request for comments regarding my post Who filled the potholes on Rose? LMC and Unit 7 road update I had several emails with District 4 Supervisor Jean Bishop.  This open letter is my most recent response and summarizes the issues. —————————————————————————- Ms. Bishop, What do you mean I “claim” ownership? As DistrictContinue Reading

Who filled the potholes on Rose? LMC and Unit 7 road update

Updated 6/25/17 with word on the street on the road destruction in Unit 7. ————————————————————————– Who filled the potholes on Rose at Smoke Tree? I’ve done some road work with my crew, but this is the first time EVER that I have seen the potholes FILLED as they should be by someone else.  Not thatContinue Reading

It’s time to separate Meadview from the Dolan Springs LMRFD fire district

Last Monday was another gruesome fire board meeting.   It was scheduled for 1:30 pm, but it didn’t start till around 2 pm (when Steve Berg showed up with a box with papers from the chief) because the chief was assisting broken down tourists with a couple little kids and he let them sit in hisContinue Reading