Water – Lake Mead

Lake Mead levels are at all time lows and we have TOXIC algae in the lake.

I heard that over 40 commercial wells were drilled in Red Lake and that alfalfa was grown for export to China and the quality was so poor that the Chinese did not want it.

The Meadview drinking water contains GLYPHOSATE, the active ingredient (probable carcinogen) in Roundup.  Meadview has NEVER been farmed!  Homeowners spraying weeds have polluted our drinking water?   I can only imagine the toxins the people in Mohave Valley are drinking unless they use expensive filters.

Possible solutions:

  • DRAIN Lake Powell and instantly increase Colorado water by 7% (less evaporation and leakage)
  • Require that corporate mega farms such as Kingman Farms conserve water, limit chemical inputs and grow food for the locals — NOT China.
  • Stop issuing commercial well permits unless water conservation and limited chemical input is documented.
  • Support locally grown food by INDIVIDUALS, preferably without toxic chemicals and sustainable.

What do YOU think?

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Input from the 4th District supervisor candidates:

Jean Bishop, incumbent:

She submitted her comments regarding other issues, but had nothing to say about the water situation.