Saturday 5/5/12: seeds, seedlings, plants and organic amendments at “Our Place”

That’s the “Our Place” next to the Meadview Motel, not our house, 9 am – 1 pm.  I’ll bring some of our seedlings and organic gardening supplies:

Pots – Strips – Organic Fertilizer & Mulch – Rice Hulls – D.E. – Labels

Red Wiggler Worms

Tomatoes – Armenian Cucumbers – Zucchini — Squash – Basil – Flowers – Aloes

Yellow Onions from Washington:  50 cents / lb (while supply lasts)

Black Beauty Zucchini

I was going to sell all the plants in gallon pots, but decided to take this Black Beauty out of the pot to see whether it was ready for transplant.  The root development couldn’t be more perfect and I planted it into our hoophouse.

Please contact us with any questions or if you’re looking for specific plants or gardening materials!

2 Responses to Saturday 5/5/12: seeds, seedlings, plants and organic amendments at “Our Place”

    • If plants are leggy, that’s “usually” a sign of not enough light. Do you have them inside?

      This last week with all the monsoon clouds would have been perfect to put them in the ground.

      If they ARE in the ground, you probably have a nutrient deficiency and I would spray them with a kelp and fish emulsion solution.

      We try to spray all our plants every few weeks with aerated compost tea, made with kelp, fish emulsion and vermicompost. But when we don’t have time to make the brew, I just mix up some fish emulsion and kelp and in the hoophouse I add a little natural dish soap for pest control.

      I will NEVER plant zucchini in our hoophouse again because the plants got so huge and I just started to cut those giant leaves off because they overtook all the other plants.

      If you live around here, try to come to the Gardening Club meeting on the 29th at 3 PM at Canyon’s End (fka Ken’s Pizza).

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