8/30/2023:  I will update with Rep. Paul Gosar’s response.   As of 11/26/23 I received no response.

In the 23 years I’ve lived near Meadview I’ve had nothing but problems with the imbeciles running the Kingman post office. Anyone can make a mistake, but getting info about a misrouted package or any other issue is literally impossible.  Usually, the phone just rang and rang and rang.

While the service at the Meadview postal contract station is amazing, they don’t control the Kingman post office and can’t make them bring our packages to Meadview.

When I order a product to be delivered to MEADVIEW, I expect to pick it up in Meadview!

I recently ordered a desperately needed 6 ft level from Amazon.

When the level was scheduled for delivery I drove to the Meadview post office but I got nothing.  The NEXT day, I got a notice demanding that I make the 120-mile round trip to the Kingman post office to pick up the level!

It’s an extremely lightweight level.   If the post office doesn’t want to deliver these packages to Meadview, they need to REJECT those packages so that shippers can choose UPS or FedEx for delivery to my home (much preferred to the 20-mile round trip to Meadview as we don’t enjoy the luxury of USPS mail delivery to our homes.)

Next, I wasted an enormous amount of time and brain cells on chat with Amazon.

The frustration, having to argue over the FALSE USPS statements in the online tracking, claiming that my mailbox was too full.   Even if I had a 6-ft PO box in Meadview my level would have stayed in Kingman.

Eventually, after being transferred to someone who was supposed to be able to assist, I was promised a new shipment by last Saturday.


That they referred to the “carrier” in the chat had me worried, but NOBODY could be that stupid, not even 21st-century tech and AI?  Right?

Once again I requested shipment by UPS or FedEx through Amazon chat.

Of course, NOTHING was delivered!

If the Home Depot wasn’t engaged in systemic lumber fraud, I wouldn’t need a 6-ft level:


As of 8/30/23, the Home Depot has ignored my emails and Facebook inquiries. 

I’m considering disputing the charges with my credit card issuer.

What about the countless hours we’ve wasted working in that heat and the brain damage inflicted by so much frustration and stress?

We had to order pipe clamps, struggled with the crap lumber, and had to drive to Kingman True Value to get douglas fir.  We are WEEKS behind schedule!

We aren’t slaves or bots — we deserve COMPENSATION.

My request for assistance regarding the post office to Paul Gosar, our federal representative:


Dear Representative Gosar:

I reside in Meadview, about 60 miles from Kingman. While our Meadview postal contract station provides amazing service, the Kingman post office refuses to deliver “oversized” packages to the Meadview post office.

Recently, the Kingman post office refused to deliver a 6 ft level that would fit into any mail van:

Why is the Kingman post office refusing to bring this package to Meadview?

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident, but it is the Kingman post office procedure to require us to make 120-mile round trips to pick up these “oversized” packages.

OBVIOUSLY, if the post office can’t deliver, it should REFUSE those packages so that shippers can choose UPS or FedEx (both deliver to my home).

I have now wasted HOURS on Amazon, explaining that they have to ship UPS or FedEx. I was promised delivery by last Saturday.

However, presumably due to Amazon’s reliance on technology (AI? – the employees can’t possibly be THAT overworked and underpaid!), they again shipped the replacement via USPS and once again I received a notice advising that I needed to pick up the level in Kingman.

Does the post office need more funding?

We have many old, ill, and poor residents in Meadview!

Why should we have to make 120-mile round trips to get our packages?

Meadview greatly appreciates your assistance!


Christine Baker