This Saturday at the Community Church in Meadview

540 W. Hualapai (follow the signs)

9 am to 2 pm.

The gardening club & co-op is selling various plants, provides free literature and FREE DVDs with the incredible documentary Genetic Roulette, the Gamble of our Lives.

12/25/10: our Christmas salad was harvested from a raised bed after cold spells down to 9 F and from indoor tomato plants

Steve and Kelly donated a BIRDHOUSE

for the RAFFLE!

Their birdhouses are awesome and

they’ll be at the church on Saturday with their crafts.

We’ll also have a table for High Desert Permaculture with some of our organically grown plants, seeds, amendments, diatomaceous earth for non toxic insect control and gardening accessories.

25% of our plant sales will be donated to the High Desert Gardening Club:

  • Palo Verde 2 – 3 ft tall (fast growing and extremely drought tolerant trees)
  • Rosemary in 1 gallon pots (native and rabbits won’t eat them)
  • Aloes in various sizes and varieties (everybody should have at least one aloe for medicinal use)
  • Various organic lettuce, kale and mustard seedlings ready to transplant
  • Lettuce bowls planted with organic lettuce, kale and mustard seedlings
  • Various houseplants (they clean the air and remove toxins from carpets, furniture, etc.)
  • Premium organic cocoa powder (GOOD for the heart!) and organic coconut oil (great for cooking and skin care).

Lots of FREE literature and advice. 

Yes, you CAN grow salad through winter here and a simple raised bed provides for many much more delicious and healthy salads than you could ever buy at any store!

If you have ANY questions about gardening and food, please stop by and ask.

Please support healthy locally grown food and our talented crafters and artists and buy your Christmas presents at the Community Church this Saturday!