Since Canyon’s End is CLOSED on Wednesday, we decided to have the meeting there next THURSDAY and we’ll meet at 1 PM until next spring since some members can’t drive at night.


The Yahoo group Gardening Organically is organizing a seed purchase with highly regarded E & R in Indiana, an Amish seed company (no website). The seeds will be shipped around mid DECEMBER as they are ordered from E & R by the group in bulk and then repackaged and shipped.

I compared the number of seeds per package with Baker Creek. Most of E & R’s peppers have 15 seeds and Baker Creek’s have 25. Do you really NEED 25 per variety? And if so, for 80 cents you get 30 seeds from E & R, still a lot cheaper.

Also, I read that group members found E & R’s seeds to be better than seeds from other companies. And, MOST seeds are certified organic, some are heirlooms (no hybrids) or open pollinated and NONE are genetically modified (as indicated on the product list). The cost is so low because E & R does not have a website and I read that their catalog does not contain pictures.

The shipping charges are $2 for 1-12 packs and $3 for more than 12. If you want to order only a few packs, we can add your order to ours and you will get FREE shipping. Our order is already at $30. They have my favorite cherry tomato CHADWICK, it once again did best for us. If you want to order through us, we need to have your info by 11/2.

Lastly, at the end of the seed listings are seeds saved by Gardening Organically members for 10 cents, but you won’t know whether you’ll receive those as supply is limited and some may be cross pollinated.

Here is the product list (requires Yahoo login) and here is the order form at Google docs, no login required (if you use Excel, it will calculate everything for you).  You do NOT have to be a Gardening Organically group member to order.

We will bring the product list and order forms to the meeting and we will talk about seeds and the difference between heirloom, open pollinated, hybrid, organic and GM.

Genetic Roulette­The Gamble of Our Lives: a number of organic companies sponsored the FREE online viewing for the rest of the month (possibly until the election). If you or your friends / family are registered to vote in California, PLEASE vote for Prop. 37 (GMO labeling). Monsanto and the industry are spending $1 million/day on ads with FALSE statements and it now looks like they might succeed in defeating Prop. 37. Miller, the guy in the ads, also worked for the tobacco companies (denying that you can get cancer from smoking) and he worked to reintroduce DDT.

The FDA approved GM food based on Monsanto’s 90 day studies on rats?
90 days — there are NO long term studies except for the recent French study that showed that the rats fed GM food got tumors and/or died sooner than the rats that ate non GM food.

We also ordered the Genetic Roulette DVD and we are making copies for people who do not have computers.


I had a long talk with Lee yesterday about cut worms and we’ll bring some videos about methods to defeat those nasty critters.

It FROZE last week at our place!

Thursday morning Jose told me that the low in our hoophouse was 30 F. The only zucchini to survive in the lower garden was sheltered by sorghum. All the other zucchini, the squash and even the tomatoes and peppers froze completely unexpected without ANY warning. Around midnight on Wednesday the hoophouse was in the mid 40s.

Everything is fine in our upper garden and this just proves that the coldest air is at the bottom.

So I hope to see you all on THURSDAY at 1 PM at Canyon’s End! If you can’t make it and you have questions about the seed order, please contact me directly.