MCA August meeting summary – the board willfully ignores law and bylaws

Unfortunately, I was just a few minutes late and I MISSED another member allegedly getting kicked out for recording the meeting — in violation of state law.

It was a very short meeting, my question regarding the agenda of the bylaws committee was ignored.

All board members had received my email with regards to the excessive late fees in violation of the bylaws and state law.

State law allows no more than $15 or 10% of the amount due after a payment is 15 days late.

The board response: 

The $25 late fee does not violate state law because after another 15 days, another $15 can be charged.

That’s of course utterly RIDICULOUS!

The board did not address the issue that the bylaws did NOT allow for the $25 late fee, imposed in February, several months PRIOR to the members’ vote to change the bylaws.

The board is NOT following the Robert’s Rules and the board members make rules up as they go along.

President AJ Hyslop told me that I had 40 seconds to speak and that my time was up. They refused to publish the rules (because they make them up as they go along) and 40 seconds is NOT a reasonable time even for one issue.  According to state law, they have to allow members to speak on ALL issues.

After the meeting several people asked to sign the petition to DISSOLVE the MCA.

Unfortunately, I’ve been incredibly busy and I have yet to prepare the petition, but just today I sent another email to the MCA with requests for documents and my notice of video taping at the next board meeting.  I’ll post that next.

If we don’t get the MCA dissolved soon, you can expect lawsuits over the intentional misconduct of this board and numerous state law violations and I only hope that they all have assets when they are held PERSONALLY liable for the damages to the MCA.

The link to this post with my request for notice of inaccurate statements emailed to

Subject:  Request for notice of inaccurate statements in my August board meeting summary

Attn: All MCA Board Members

I just posted my summary of the August board meeting at [this URL]. Please let me know if I misunderstood any of your arguments regarding the late fees and rules.

It is important that EACH board member lets me know whether they disagree with the board’s actions as they may be held PERSONALLY liable for damages to the MCA due to the many illegal actions taken by the board.

Since I only had 40 seconds to discuss these issues and you allegedly kicked out the members who were recording, I want to give you the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in my post.

Should I not receive notice of any inaccurate statements, my post will be presumed to be factual.


Christine Baker

I will update with responses, if any.

4 Responses to MCA August meeting summary – the board willfully ignores law and bylaws

  1. Wanting to dissolve the MCA and become a rugged pioneer and DIY your “own property” however you want…….this sounds good, but it would be a total disaster. First of all, ALL HIGHER ORDER OF ANIMALS HAVE DECLARATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS. A pack of Coyotes, have restrictions: no taking a whizz near the dens, no doing #2 near the food burial area, all meat dragged in must be covered with clean dirt and all dens must have at least two openings for ventilation or emergency escape. Any coyotes violating these rules are going to get beaten up and if they persist in violating the codes, they are to be “run off”. The reason I chose coyotes as an example is because I think any average coyote is a lot smarter than a human bean who wants to dissolve the MCA. You’re trying to be successful in the middle of the Mohave Desert…….and not many animals even try to live in the middle of the desert because they don’t think they can survive “going it alone”. That’s why they live in packs. What we have in Meadview is a “pack” of quality homes and a tax base that reached critical mass of quality because of the declarations and restrictions making it a quality place to put down a chunk of cash and not see it blown away in the wind. It’s not a homesteader area. No no one wants a hog farm being upwind or sprawling junkyards with unwashed people mulling around trying to catch a chicken for dinner. It’s not a bad case of hoarders on overdrive. And, no one wants to look at abandoned homes with the glass shot out and graffiti all over the walls from kids who fell through the cracks from getting hooked on artificial lifestyles.

    This would be the same idea as a battleship trying to cross the Pacific ocean and some group of sailors decide they want “off the ship” to be given a “lifeboat” (as you say your life would be better without MCA) to paddle your way to safety in the middle of the ocean which is no different than being out in the middle of the Mohave desert. Instead of water all around, you have scrub brush and sand. Just look at Golden Valley on google earth, see all the abandoned junkyards……..people who tried and almost died. They represent the pioneers of the wagon train that decided to “bail out” and cross the prairie on their own. “No more of other’s mud tracks and eating food they decided we would eat”. No $40 fees either. Yeah, we’re gonna make it on our own. O Well, who pays for that. Were’s the water Bub? I mean Bob. Wait, we can bob for water in Lake Beer, I mean Lake Mead.

    You need restrictions so halfway rich people will decide to move here and set up nice homes so we keep it a community. If you don’t get enough wealth in the area, then no happy family dollar store. Happy Family Dollar store moved in to chase the frequent flyer dollars what were flying to other stores far away. With this thing called a “Tax Base” you can have roads built and maintained. Without a tax base, you need a donkey to get there, moving a 2 mph, and not one rich person would ever show up to offer you an air conditioned clubhouse. What if it reverted to a sprawling homesteader bastion of junkyards ? ……… which is what the outback of Arizona is made up of because the Lords of Flatbush decided to save everything to build shelters for animals to create shade so the sun doesn’t kill them all.

    You have to make a decision, do you want to be the one doing DIY homesteading in the desert among other desert dwellers of like mind and odor,

    or be a Meadview resident?

    Just sell your lot if you don’t like the rules. Without a HOA, we’re just a mass of a mess. You want arrogant rooster farms creating constant noise and no one can sleep? And there’s nothing wrong with being a homesteader, just do it where it’s free. Not grifting off the community you despise. Not dependent on income derived from selling whatever to the neighborhood you left because they asked for $40 to keep a sense of community alive. I read all the declarations and restrictions for my unit and I think they were well thought out and well written up. I could add a few more. “No people that smell real bad allowed into the clubhouse for more than 3 minutes”. “No one on 4 wheelers allowed to exceed posted speed limits while on dirt roads near houses for dust control”. Ugly drooling dogs who you think are cute need to be kept out of visible sight. Cats with more than 4 fleas kept in your house or car. People who look angry and disagreeable need to meet with other angry and disagreeable people and slug it out in the dark while fully intoxicated at prescribed times in an arena during festivals. Voted winners get free floatation chairs for Lake Mead and permission to speak for up to an hour at their next alanon meeting.

    If you can’t go with the flow, at least provide some entertainment. And this forum is a part of the entertainment, till it’s inner attainment.

  2. Meadview is a DYING town due to the MCA restrictions. You also don’t seem to be aware that we are bound by County rules, regs and restrictions.

    Who would want to live in that hellish environment the MCA created?

    Look at the sorry state of Meadview, seniors dying and not found for weeks, eaten bv their pets.

    What do you like so much about that?


  3. If we had more or less MCA restrictions that would not bring people to “care more or less for their neighbor”, imo. I believe in the buddy system. People should be meeting and grouped up according to like needs. Then seniors can visit one another and help each other to cope with problems and give rides and get rides. You could group people by what medications they are taking. You try to find the same in generic, whoever knows someone who knows someone traveling to Los Algodones that winter can buy a load of the medicine and save like 80%. I just got over the flu and my head was on fire with a fever. I had spent $15 for strong antibiotics while I was there and thought I wasted my money because I am rarely sick. Well after taking 1 pill, the fever left. Next day took another, my strength came back halfway. Just waited out the rest by doing rest. That bottle costs $400 in the states. So seniors need to see the scams going on and avoid them. The MCA is not a catch all organization for every problem out there.

    People die outside falling off of mountains and get eaten by critters probably every day somewhere in America. They got recycled. Why are young people hanging from cliffs on thin nylon ropes eating dried up food from baggies? They chose that high risk lifestyle. And some seniors who stay inside watching fatal screen tv with movies that are fake, eating fake food from boxes, are getting fake health. The drive to the hospital is a red alert for your lifeboat is taking on water. My grandmother ate oatmeal everyday of her life that I knew her, and she was 94 and drove herself to the hospital on her last day and passed away sitting in the waiting room. She was slim, like any older people who live past 80. No one is made to live forever in this body. It’s going to fall away and we will see it while we stand there and then, you get taken to what you love. Hope it’s the bright side. Because the nasty dark side is there too and those who like to fight for selfish causes and yank people around ignoring the golden rule, and expect their stealing around ways to have no consequences have quite a bill to pay.

    I would be like Luther, tack your 95 ideas on a bulletin board and pray for healing from within. How is MCA supposed to be a fellowship of caring believers? They might let you start something like that, the buddy system for seniors to check up on one another. That’s what bingo and bridge clubs are for. People talk and ask around.

    What people need is hope. The biggest problem seniors have is their kids not calling or caring or only calling to ask for money and the heartbreaking stories the kids bring on the seniors. The whole medical more or wanta crisis………it’s about dealing with depression from hopes falling apart. They’d all be smoking clean air if they weren’t stressed out from the bad choices their kids made or they made. And negligence is a choice too. It’s turning to Jesus away from paid preachers and put away the unbelief we gained from going to church and listening to fake teaching. You see some guy selling something he got for free and is supposed to give back out for free, don’t go there. Are you saying all organized religion is corrupt and should be avoided? Absolutely yes. Just give your tithes directly to the poor and you get more points upstairs. Yes, he took 3 big nails for cutting out the middlemen. The scamming religioneers. Like the Doctaaazzz.

    “We looked you over and you sure are sick”, here’s your bill. If you had spent a 4th of this on really good food, you’d still be out there enjoying your life. But since you think we can heal you and we can’t………that’s the problem.

    The body heals itself IF you give it the ingredients. Chinese medicine and all old world advice. There is probably not a single person in europe who asks American doctors for medical advice, so why go to them in a $300 ambulance ride. Have you seen the obesity levels and the health stats of Americans? The fake food industry generates the sick people that the drug industry thrives on to send to the doctors to finish them off. All you need is to start green houses for seniors. Communal greenhouses are for everyone. That is the future of the coming hyper-infatuation. You don’t need the MCA to start a greenhouse in Dolan Springs, you could truck in the veggies and ride the trucks to the produce center. You could grow vegetables in greenhouses on your own properties. In a ferd werld country you grow your own food and someone with a gun shows up at harvest time and you get to slim down more. In the USA, you grow stuff, then you can sell it, eat it, trade it, take pictures of it, sell videos of growing it, turn it into a Facebook campaign. All that from growing a tomato. But the whole culture of dependency that seniors are used to from the outside world suddenly becomes culture shock when they get to Meadview and realize the logistics are from the Far Side as to doing all that here. imo.

    Good food is the most important thing and that’s needing to be DIY. That can eliminate the need for the ambulance ride. You want the ambulance driver hauling produce and quality food not sick people failing from malnutrition. Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way, the time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say……I am saying people are led to believe that money is going to be able to take care of people and it can’t. The extended family is coming back into vogue, that’s what depressions do. For those with no family out there, we need to re-create that with prayer groups of DIY support and no one minds being around sweet and kind people. People get better inside when they repent and turn away from selfish greed mode and decide to care and realize you can only get out of it what you put into it. Actually you only get back some of what you put in because there are moochers who take and don’t give at all.

    And many seniors are more stubborn about positive change that the wandering burros of Oatman. At least they move to where the better food is. “It’s all the miner’s fault”…….”You know my great great grandfather was abused for hauling rock from the mines…….he was forced to eat hay and water and he didn’t get potato chips and fries and hotdog rolls and leftovers from the pantry like we get. This is why I lay here in the middle of the street for 8 hours a day like a jackass with this sign…….they forced me to become a beggar……….see what they did to me…….I am a victim donkey.

    I am not with the knowledge about the MCA to say yeah or neah, just that truth being openly spoken in love, tends to heal in time after the offense is overcome. They’re probably so hunkered down from from listening to outsiders, yelling and screaming that they can’t hear what you say. This is what brought about the answering machines, no one answers the continuous sales calls.

    A little less Marx and Lenin and a little more Jesus and Ghandi. Revitalization not revolution. If you want a bitched out world of angry protestors, then go find some millineals with colored hair and walk right into the tent. Ask them what all the tattoos mean. Great way to get down loaded upon. You should become an expert complainer within 6 months. Personally, I like older people because they have some great stories and I can’t deal with whiny millineal culture that’s never paid it’s dues to reality and is slowly absorbing normal american culture till you can’t find it. I am going back in time and I paid thousands to do that. Still will. Mexico is exactly as USA was before 1940, then welfare started up and people got soft and arrogant.

    And there’s another stubborn poor woman with 10 cats and no money to feed them…… you think she’s made choices she can live with? What do you get for rejecting the truth nearly every day of your life, that is a gift? You get to feed 9 lives. And I am cruel and inhumane for saying the reality because I don’t have a nickel in it. If people want to start a colony of pets in their trailer, who am I to act like a control freak and be trucking away the cats to koreatown. I don’t believe in killing animals and burning them up. I think that’s a sin. They should be recycled for chicken feed. Same with all these coyotes they shoot and leave out in the field, utter disgrace to the landscape. Feral hogs shot from helicopters, wrong. Or at least take them to a butcher for bacon for prisoners. Zero waste. And lower taxes. The lady needs to open up to the voice of truth and that closed-ness is what’s killing her. As feminism has destroyed romance in this country……….and why is every other white guy bringing home a asian maid for lean cuisine? “Oh how can you say that”……..again…….don’t have a nickel in it…….see how I can say the truth that is never said. I am only a comedian.

    Seniors working slow in greenhouses for fun. Plant growing competitions. You could have motorized wheelchair races up and down the isles. Ladies growing flowers, way better than bingo, because no one’s number is going to come up. Playing bingo burns almost no calories. Get off of killer diet sodas……….forget all about your family that doesn’t care about you like it’s always been down through time anyway. The plants are cool in the shade, colorful when they bloom, sweetest when you sell them or trade them away. Brighten up another’s day. Join the MCA…!!!

  4. You mention Jesus, the very FIRST thing “my” Jesus would do is open up the MCA to ALL.

    Jesus hung out with whores and threw the bankers out of the temple. Great guy! Would definitely vote for anyone with his values for the board!

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