Unfortunately, I was just a few minutes late and I MISSED another member allegedly getting kicked out for recording the meeting — in violation of state law.

It was a very short meeting, my question regarding the agenda of the bylaws committee was ignored.

All board members had received my email with regards to the excessive late fees in violation of the bylaws and state law.

State law allows no more than $15 or 10% of the amount due after a payment is 15 days late.

The board response: 

The $25 late fee does not violate state law because after another 15 days, another $15 can be charged.

That’s of course utterly RIDICULOUS!

The board did not address the issue that the bylaws did NOT allow for the $25 late fee, imposed in February, several months PRIOR to the members’ vote to change the bylaws.

The board is NOT following the Robert’s Rules and the board members make rules up as they go along.

President AJ Hyslop told me that I had 40 seconds to speak and that my time was up. They refused to publish the rules (because they make them up as they go along) and 40 seconds is NOT a reasonable time even for one issue.  According to state law, they have to allow members to speak on ALL issues.

After the meeting several people asked to sign the petition to DISSOLVE the MCA.

Unfortunately, I’ve been incredibly busy and I have yet to prepare the petition, but just today I sent another email to the MCA with requests for documents and my notice of video taping at the next board meeting.  I’ll post that next.

If we don’t get the MCA dissolved soon, you can expect lawsuits over the intentional misconduct of this board and numerous state law violations and I only hope that they all have assets when they are held PERSONALLY liable for the damages to the MCA.

The link to this post with my request for notice of inaccurate statements emailed to info@mca-az.org:

Subject:  Request for notice of inaccurate statements in my August board meeting summary

Attn: All MCA Board Members

I just posted my summary of the August board meeting at [this URL]. Please let me know if I misunderstood any of your arguments regarding the late fees and rules.

It is important that EACH board member lets me know whether they disagree with the board’s actions as they may be held PERSONALLY liable for damages to the MCA due to the many illegal actions taken by the board.

Since I only had 40 seconds to discuss these issues and you allegedly kicked out the members who were recording, I want to give you the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in my post.

Should I not receive notice of any inaccurate statements, my post will be presumed to be factual.


Christine Baker

I will update with responses, if any.