Guardian well scheduled to reopen next week

Since people are packing up to leave Meadview because there’s no water, I decided to go by the well and call the numbers posted there.   So, contrary to the rumors, the well is NOT sucking sand, but the pump and pipes have to be replaced.   The old pipes were laying there and looked pretty bad.

The work is scheduled to be completed late next week.

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  1. I wonder if the road work and drawing of our aquifer to water the road work might be causing problems. They are taking a lot of water out. Check the reservoir off Pierce Ferry and( west) Charles Rd. They’ve been taking thousands of gallons a day.

  2. Rick, how much of an impact are thousands of gallons a day? How many gallons are pumped on an average day?

    Is our water co-op keeping records? I suppose the number of quarters is a good indicator and I’ll see whether I can find out. Not sure the Guardian well owners want to disclose that.

    What reservoir can we check? I only know the lake (which is NOT our water), didn’t know there’s anything we can look into.

    I’ve also heard different stories about whether we’re all on the same aquifer or not.

  3. I believe the Guardian well is a separate aquifer than our Lake Mead City co-op. I could be wrong, but don’t think so. The impact is something like this. While the overall effect of draw down may not be sever the immediate impact might, as the well may not be able to keep up with the need to supply thousands of gallons per day. I am not sure of the exact take away that’s being drawn, that would have to be explained by the folks doing it and I would doubt they;’ll be honest about it. The well is located just off the west side of Pierce Ferry road and Charles. You can’t miss it.

  4. I’ve heard that they’re separate aquifers, but wish we’d know for sure. Have to see what I can find online when I have some time.

    And I know there’s a well on West Charles, but thought it was private.

  5. Helene sent me the link to this page about our water:

    It takes a while to load.

    Thanks, Helene!

    I’ve read this page before and was wondering where it was as we talked about aquifers here.

    A very interesting read, and I’m sure glad I’m not in the fluoride area. Never realized that the water quality depends so much on the geology, although that does make sense.

    So it’s all one aquifer?

    And I’ve been told that we can look up all the water tests from the various wells, but I have yet to find them.

  6. Here is just a little info about Meadview “city water” wells:

    Guardian well:

    The water co-op on Sandy Point:
    And on Smith:

    Time to work in the hoophouse for a while. Was hoping there’d be a link to the tests, but no such luck.

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