About 5 minutes ago I saw my first UFO, or maybe even several UFOs.

A bunch of white blinking lights moved from the cliffs over Meadview towards Vegas and we wondered whether they were helicopters moving in formation, but it was completely silent.   I looked at it through binoculars and from the SW it looked like a huge plane.  From the south it appeared to be a triangle.

We had turned off the stereo and there was no sound at all.  It definitely wasn’t helicopters unless they have new silent models.  And as close as it was, we should have heard a plane too.

So, what was it?

Update 2/5/15:

A Meadview resident informed me that he researched the UFO and it was actually a low flying B52:

It must have been descending to land at Nellis or some other close by base as there was absolutely NO sound.  I’m glad we weren’t hallucinating — it makes sense now.  It was so HUGE!