Our new neighbor asked me about home owners insurance and I used to have my old (really old single wide) insured through Foremost until 2007.  I had one claim when one night somebody fell through my porch while it was under construction — my fault for not having lights on. Foremost paid almost $8k and did not increase my premium.  Having to deal with a doctor who failed to submit his bill despite my notice of the impending insurance settlement was a nightmare.  Fortunately I could prove that I notified his office in writing and eventually they wrote it off, but it sure was a hassle.

So Foremost worked for me, but the Kingman AGENTS did not.   I’ve had nothing bad AWFUL experiences with Nelson. One time  I emailed pictures of a truck with tool boxes on the sides to them for a neighbor who had just bought the truck and wanted a quote because he had Progressive through Nelson.   Despite several phone calls, they never got him a quote and they chose to ignore me.  My neighbor is now with another insurance company and I certainly wouldn’t deal with Nelson.

At my new place I had Farm Bureau for a while.  Talk about a NIGHTMARE!   When the post office changed the address requirements for rural routes from HC Box ### to requiring the street address, I didn’t get a bill.  I knew it was due around the end of the year and being low on cash, I sent them $70/month for 3 months and hoped to eventually be able to sign up at their website for more info (that was back around 2008 and their website was a nightmare).  Then I got a cancellation notice.  Their Kingman agent Wendy Baker (no relations) states at her web page:

Hi, I’m Wendy Baker, a Farm Bureau Financial Services agent in Kingman, Arizona.  I’m here to make insurance simple for you.  I’m committed to helping you prepare for the future and protect what matters most.  Let me help you through all stages of your life.

Yeah right!  I called her and asked why she didn’t contact me and apparently she just doesn’t give a rat’s ass.  She had my home phone number and she didn’t make a single call to inquire why their mail was being returned or why I was making monthly payments after they had cancelled me.  Eventually they sent me checks for refunds and then one of their checks was returned unpaid.  I had to pay the bank fee.  So I definitely do NOT recommend Farm Bureau, although they did come highly recommended from other neighbors.

The bottom line with ANY kind of insurance:


When I moved to San Francisco in 1985, we met an Allstate agent who recommended that we continue to insure our car in Nebraska as long as possible as the premiums are much higher in San Francisco.  This guy had ALL of our business until we moved.  He was totally honest, explained our options and showed us how to SAVE money while still having great coverage.

If your agent isn’t your friend, bypass the agent and get insurance online.

One more thing, since it’s RAINING — depending on your location, you might want to get flood insurance.  It didn’t cost much extra when I had it and I know some people who WISH they’d had it!

If you have any noteworthy insurance experiences and/or recommendations, please post your comments!