Jay Fleming in Dolan Springs recently started his new blog about the fire department and the lack of medical services:

Life and Death in Dolan Springs The Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District

With everything I’ve heard about the fire department, well, it’s totally insane.

In Meadview, some properties are in the fire district and part of their property taxes go to the fire department.

Jay has this to say at http://dolanemsproblems.blogspot.com/2015/08/lake-mohave-ranchos-fire-district.html:

Responding to property outside the fire district

The LMRFD responds to anyone who calls, no one checks to see if the parcel is in the fire district, and many in Meadview are not in the fire district. In Meadview the fire district is a checker board. Many are not contiguous to the fire district, but that’s another law, and another story.

If you look at Meadview you’ll see many parcels are not in the fire district. It’s not fair for people who pay no tax to the LMRFD get the same services I do paying $200 a year.

As you can see from the LMRFD district map below where I marked the meadview fire station location. There are properties within a few blocks of the fire station. These people pay no tax to the LMRFD, yet get better homeowner insurance rates than I do paying $200 a year, and being 2.5 miles from a fire station.

When I lived in Lake Mead City, I used to get invitations to join the fire district and it wasn’t cheap.  I don’t have the papers anymore, but it was $150/year or more as I recall — about the same as my home owners insurance that actually paid out when someone got hurt on my property and included many other benefits aside from fire coverage.  [Update 8/24/15:  a neighbor just joined for about $200 due to his insurer USAA’s requirement, shame on USAA!]

I didn’t join the fire district.   As we all know, the fire fighters don’t actually save any structures and my old mobile would have burned to the ground anyway.  Regarding medical benefits, health insurance would pay for the ambulance regardless of whether your are in the district or not. (I think).

I was told that if you own property here and you’re NOT in the district, you could be charged THOUSANDS of dollars if the fire department shows up, even if it’s just a brush fire on a vacant lot.  That was over 10 years ago.

What’s the current situation?

Who created this insanity and why?

How can this be fixed so that ALL properties are in the fire district?

And if it can’t be fixed, I say forget about the Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District — LET IT BE OR LET IT DIE!

Start your own fire department / health services. 

Old firetrucks are a dime a dozen and in general, people are better off having water trucks with pumps on site and throughout the neighborhood.   In fact, several of our neighbors have been doing that for many years.   For a while we even had a firetruck at Mickey’s house in LMC on Charles.

If I have a fire at my property, my first calls won’t be to the fire department, but to my neighbors.

Unfortunately, this is NOT an organized effort.  However, it would cost next to nothing (compared to the LMRFD budget) to provide a list of people with water trucks. Water haulers don’t work so well, but could possibly help in case of a larger brush fire threatening homes.   It would be SO much more effective than waiting for a firetruck from Meadview or Dolan.

In the about 15 years I’ve lived here, we’ve been fortunate and we haven’t had any fires in our neighborhood.  It’s really a non problem for me.

Much more important are MEDICAL emergencies.

At https://highdesertdirt.com/blog/2014/07/13/dolan-springs-community-meeting-re-fire-department-burglaries-roads-and-school/ I wrote over a year ago:

John Flynn, the government affairs consultant hired to help turn the insolvent district around, is apparently still overseeing the daily business.   According to Moore, the billing for ambulance services, collections, etc. are handled by outside companies.  I’d like to know whether he still receives $4,000 to $7,000/month (couldn’t find any other numbers).  It’s one thing to pay that much to straighten out a bankrupt fire district, but I certainly hope that he no longer receives such an outrageous salary.

What exactly does Mr. Flynn do for the fire district now and how much does he get paid?

I still have NO idea what Mr. Flynn does aside from dressing up nicely and giving pep talks at the occasional town hall meeting.  According to comments at Jay’s site, he still gets $7,000/month.

Jay wrote at No One At the Fire Board Meeting Knew Where an AED Was:

… We need local control. When I asked where the AED’s (Automatic External Defibrillator)  were in the Dolan Area, no one knew. There might be one at the library. The current management donated 6 AED’s to Kingman schools. They were only valued at $200 for trade in, but we could have used them in Dolan.

New AED’s cost $1200 to $5000, it costs $100 to $300 each to replace batteries and pads. It still costs $1200 up for AEDs, and we don’t have $7000 to buy new AEDs. …

Exactly WHO decided to DONATE these AEDs?  WHY?

How can a BANKRUPT fire department donate away ANYTHING of value?

And why donate to KINGMAN schools instead of to the Dolan school?

Sometimes I think I’m not seeing right.

Mr. Flynn???

Jay also wrote that Consolidation Between LMRFD and NACFD Needs to be Sent To A Vote of the People

The Dolan school was GIVEN to the Kingman school district and promptly the school turned into a JAIL (yes, literally, the jail is in the school to make sure the kids get used to jail early!) and Dolan high school kids now have to travel to KINGMAN (video of Gary Wilson speaking about this dire situation.)

What do you think will happen with the Meadview fire station?  It’s a NICE property.  Maybe it’ll be turned into a jail too? Or maybe they’ll sell it because they feel it’s too valuable an asset for the few residents out here.

Here’s the current 2015/2016 budget:


It includes $176,636 for “managerial costs.”

At http://www.lmrfd.org/2015/05/budget/ you can also currently find this link [7/15/19: none of the LMRFD links work anymore as the imbeciles at LMRFD running the district are incapable of maintaining the website]

Like me, they’re using WordPress and I’ve also had one of my websites hacked a few years ago. I promptly implemented FREE security measures.

In comments at http://dolanemsproblems.blogspot.com/2015/08/web-page-tells-visitors-theyre-safe.html EREH wrote that “our webmaster and IT guy left for higher pay elsewhere” and:

My point was, there is nobody left who has access to make changes to the website. I have limited access and utilize it to the best of my ability. It has not been a high priority, as the remaining personnel here have been consumed with life and death issues and keeping the doors open.

Nobody has admin access to the site? 

Mr. Flynn???

I’d like the NAME of the former IT person/webmaster who apparently REFUSES to provide access.  I don’t know WHY any professional would do that and there are certainly LEGAL options.  You can’t just leave your employment and lock your former employer out of the company website.

Mr. Flynn???

Mr. Flynn can’t even keep the fire department website running without VIAGRA links.

It bothers me to no end that Flynn gets paid a FORTUNE for apparently doing not much of anything!

I’ll eat those words if he negotiated the bank debt to 50%, but short of that, Flynn needs to GO!

Keep in mind that people, corporations, cities and counties can file for bankruptcy.

Why didn’t the fire district file for bankruptcy to get a fresh start?

Mr. Flynn prepares the budget and apparently that’s all he does, aside from the occasional town hall appearance.

Does he get paid $1,000/hr?

When someone gets $7,000/month to work for the Meadview and Dolan Springs fire department, I expect him to be a hands-on 80/hrs/week guy!

Can somebody clue me in?

The longer I look into this, the more frustrating it gets.