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10/16/17 LMRFD fire board meeting — FUBAR

It seems impossible for LMRFD to produce accurate minutes.

The LMRFD fire board meeting, as usual, started with Charlotte Kiffer pointing out mistakes in the minutes and corrections that had to be made.

Can’t a board member proof the minutes and email with corrections to be made BEFORE the meeting?   They always sit there READING docs at the meetings.

It was later addressed that docs are submitted to them on Friday or Monday just before the meeting and changes will be made to allow the board members to be better prepared.

Eric Terrill motioned to vote to approve the minutes AFTER the corrections had been made, next month because NOTHING is ever done RIGHT.

Apparently Charlotte was asking for a reason, as she later requested an executive session to discuss staff issues after pointing out the constant problems with the minutes and mistakes NOT being corrected as indicated in the meetings and not all items being added to the agenda.

According to the chief, they printed the old version and the changes were actually made. Shit happens everywhere, but at LMRFD that’s just how they do business.

Incredibly, they have to consult with the lawyer about scheduling this executive meeting, wasting MORE money on legal fees.

Charlotte Kiffer asked about year to date income, expenses and budgets.Continue Reading

Ellen Reh-Bower’s LMRFD documents re tax increase, volunteers, Meadview annexation

Ellen Reh-Bower sent me these LMRFD documents for posting here, thanks!


    Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District Alternative Funding Committee
    Seeking volunteers to research and help pursue/organize revenue sources for the LMRFD outside of tax increases. A few possible avenues so far identified:* Fund raisers, ie: car washes, rummage sales, bake sales, pancake breakfasts, etc.* Make Pierce Ferry Road a toll road* Annex properties into LMRFD that do not pay into the district but receive its services* Lobby for a County Fire District* Ensure that County requires all new construction within area served by the LMRFD be annexed into the District* Assist new businesses trying to get started in Dolan Springs and Meadview to negotiate County red tape.  …

   The entire document: 2017-10-4–VOLUNTEERS NEEDED 2

  • The Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District (LMRFD) Needs your YES vote this November
    LMRFD Tax Override Flyer
    I’m NOT in the fire district, so I don’t have a dog in this.   If I lived in Dolan, I’d probably be FOR this 5 years tax increase.  Although I’d be mad as hell to see the board WASTE so much money, only to then go for a tax increase.  And in Meadview we don’t have services anyway, why pay more so Dolan gets a new ambulance?  So that we wait an hour, or two to for it to arrive in Meadview?  I’d rather have an old ambulance and an EMT 15 minutes away.

All these documents will be addressed individually “soon.”  Right now I have to prepare for a food workshop.  If you’re healthy your needs for ambulances go down significantly!

Update 9/21/17:  Ellen sent me the current Lake Mohave Ranchos / Grapevine Mesa
Fire District Administrative Rules:
2017-LMRFD Administrative Rules

It’s odd to see “Grapevine Mesa” — merged with LMRFD I think in 2010.
“Approved Effective Date: 10/19/2010 Resolution # 10-10-002”


Open letter to LMRFD and voting on the annexation of all of Meadview

You may have heard that LMRFD is going to put on the ballot the annexation of ALL Meadview and Lake Mead City properties into the fire district.

I expected the board to do this IMMEDIATELY after they were elected last year.  They did NOTHING.  Several times I brought the issue up at the monthly board meetings and finally they decided to move ahead.

However, even with ALL of Meadview in the district we will NOT have 2 staff at all times in Meadview.

Additionally, the fire board has been a GIANT disappointment.

They refused my offer to VOLUNTEER to secure and update their website and to set up a subscription button for a mailing list so that residents could get an email with the reminders for board meetings and election and LMRFD news, etc.

Steve Berg finally resigned, but Charlotte Kieffer is at least as reckless as Berg, former Meadview fire chief when our wonderful Grapevine Mesa Fire District went BANKRUPT and they made the awful choice to consolidate with Dolan, leaving us in this dire situation with no emergency medical services.

LMRFD EMTs are to request credit card information prior to patient transports.

LMRFD board member Charlotte Kieffer (Dolan Springs) decided that we need to increase revenue by taking CREDIT CARD information prior to ambulance transports.   Bobby Porzio (Meadiew) vehemently spoke up AGAINST this CRAZY idea and I totally agree with him.

Chief DeMaio stated that he researched ambulances services taking credit card info and he only found one:  in South Africa.  Other board members had looked into it, found nothing.


Not only is it unethical to ask for payment from people with EMERGENCY medical conditions and the EMTs will likely be uncomfortable asking for a credit card (I would QUIT!), but the first ID theft lawsuit will probably bankrupt LMRFD.  Or maybe patients will sue for the STRESS caused when they were asked about payment.  Many Meadview people are not wealthy and the thought of having to PAY for the ambulance ride will stress them and could even add to their medical problems.

Maybe a patient will die due to the delays caused by the request for credit card info.

Charlotte Kieffer insisted on going ahead with this stupid idea and they’re actually paying a lawyer for research!

I can’t remember when the board voted on this, but  NONE of the board members opposed this giant waste of money on Monday.  I’m SO disappointed!

The decline in ambulance revenue.

It’s been mentioned several times at board meetings that the ambulance calls are DOWN.

Any reasonable person would immediately analyze the calls to try to determine what’s happening. MANY Meadview medical emergencies DRIVE THEMSELVES  (or are driven by family/friends/neighbors) to the hospital.

Any reasonable person would conclude that action must be taken to instill more confidence in LMRFD.

But our fire board couldn’t care less, refuses to invite the public to meetings and outright refuses to provide relevant info at  Instead, the board now focuses on collecting the VERY LOW 17% or so of unpaid ambulance bills (likely due to Obamacare).

However, the delinquent bills will NOT be collected through credit card info obtained prior to transport because they can only charge the credit cards AFTER billing AND AFTER receiving authorization to charge the card!  So IF someone wants the bill to be charged to their credit card, they could provide the info when they are billed and there is absolutely no need to ask for that info prior to transport.

All this proves that LMRFD is NOT the solution for Meadview.

Meadview needs to look into forming an “emergency medical” district instead of annexing all of Meadview to LMRFD.  I don’t even know if that’s possible, but we really don’t need fire services — every time there’s a big accident I see Kingman, Golden Valley, etc. up here.

Meadview needs to decide what’s important:

A big fire truck?

Or EMTs who will actually provide emergency medical services, live in Meadview, know the roads and know the people.

I’ll be posting a lot more info on LMRFD and the election. I recently had NO internet / phone for 3 weeks over a 4 week period with 3 Frontier tickets, each with a 5 to 7 day wait for repairs that failed within hours or days.  This is 21st century America.  Are the right wing nuts right about Agenda 21?

If the people of Meadview do not step up and take back their town, its decline will continue until only druggies and thieves will want to live here.

It’s YOUR choice!

My email to LMRFD chief Tony Demaio:

Continue Reading

It’s time to separate Meadview from the Dolan Springs LMRFD fire district

Last Monday was another gruesome fire board meeting.   It was scheduled for 1:30 pm, but it didn’t start till around 2 pm (when Steve Berg showed up with a box with papers from the chief) because the chief was assisting broken down tourists with a couple little kids and he let them sit in hisContinue Reading

LMRFD fire board meeting rescheduled to next week

I just called them as the only info at are the FEBRUARY minutes.   So the regular meeting was rescheduled to next Monday 4/24 at 1:30 pm in Meadview at the MCA. The website still has all that false info such as Meadview having a fully staffed fire station.   One of these days somebody isContinue Reading

LMRFD fire board meeting tomorrow 2/27/17 in Dolan Springs

NEW meeting time and place: 1:30 pm Dolan Springs Chamber of Commerce 2/27/17 (not in Meadview as scheluded.) The regular meeting was scheduled for last Monday, another one of those stupid shopping holidays they should just do away with.  Of course I didn’t know it was a holiday, but I went to check the LMRFDContinue Reading

LMRFD fire district tax explained

Here is Rick’s tax bill: EVERYBODY pays into the Fire District Assistance Fund.  I do NOT know what happens with this money, but as you can see it’s very insignificant, under $10 for a $1,158 tax bill. And that’s ALL most Meadview residents pay. The $323.44 is the tax for our LMRFD fire district (DolanContinue Reading

Truck v. horse trailer on I-40

Close call on 1/21/17, it looks like the 5 horses survived. Wouldn’t it be something if our fire district LMRFD sent out press releases and posted videos as the Yucca fire district? Yucca has to be tiny compared to LMRFD! Why can THEY do it? My recent offer for help with their website was politelyContinue Reading

The 1/19/17 LMRFD fire board meeting and the sorry state of the fire district

Apparently our LMRFD (Lake Mohave Rancho Fire District) fire board is incapable of checking the calendar for holidays on the regular meeting date.  There was much confusion about this week’s meeting and I’m lucky I got 24 hours notice after I had inquired so I could attend and record the meeting. The new administrative assistantContinue ReadingContinue Reading

LMRFD meeting Monday at Meadview MCA

Last time I went to the fire board meeting in Meadview someone stole my hat! So be aware and watch your stuff. Also, my hat got stolen was because they LOCKED the entrance door and I couldn’t get back in after I got something from my truck. The fire board meetings MUST be open toContinue ReadingContinue Reading