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Why is LMRFD NOT charging for ambulance runs unless patients are transported?

This is the strangest thing.

LMRFD does NOT charge when the EMTs don’t transport the patient.

Is that crazy or what?

A friend called 911 because he was in terrible pain, but it got better while the EMT assisted him and calmed him down. He had nothing but praises for the EMT. The EMT didn’t take his insurance info. He’s on Medicare and has supplemental, surely they would have paid a few bucks for an ambulance to drive about 60 miles to assist him.

  • Board member Charlotte wants to use CREDIT CARDS in the ambulance to get payments.
  • Chief DeMaio refuses to bill for these ambulance runs.

One time the chief mentioned that the ambulance went from Dolan to Meadview to the same patient THREE times — not one cent was billed because they didn’t transport.

I really don’t want to see credit cards requested in the ambulance, but why not bill for services rendered?

I think what we need more than ANYTHING in Meadview is a traveling nurse, someone who cares about people and provides services right here.  Just like that EMT.

Why not hire an EMT / nurse to drive a little truck (not an ambulance) to make those house calls and s/he can call the helicopter if we need a transport?  This could be people being at home instead of at the fire station and you pay a monthly minimum and then per call.

Emergencies can FLY.

Ever wonder how many people die in Meadview every year because they’re afraid to call 911?

While locally known as “Beverly Hills”, many old poor people live in Meadview. They deserve better!

I heard that a man in his 80s got injured at the Family Dollar and he refused transport to the hospital because on a previous occasion he had to pay $300 for a cab to get back home!

2/26/18 LMRFD fire board meeting 11 am in Meadview

Agenda for Monday’s meeting in Meadview. 

Note: Time changed to 11:00 a.m.


Almost EVERYTHING is in executive session AGAIN!

To shed a little light on the mysterious agenda items:d. Discussion and possible action regarding: Personnel Matter re: Correspondence re: Chief DeMaio; letter of complaint; public apology.

Fire chief Tony DeMaio accused previous LMRFD administrative assistant Ellen Bower at a previous board meeting of poor training of her successor when she retired.

Essentially, the chief is blaming Ellen for his inability to create a SIMPLE report of all ambulance calls to Meadview since 7/16 with the results (transport, DOA, etc.) as I requested about half a year ago.  I was going to order some of the more interesting reports to publish response times and so we can see what kind of services we actually NEED in Meadview, but it’s pretty obvious that he does not want to have the info out there.

I don’t understand why Karen can’t create that report (shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, it’s all on the computer) while she watches her baby sleep or whatever.

I see so much smoke and mirrors at LMRFD, I’m just glad I’m not in the fire district.  Some poor sucker in Meadview just joined  — do these people know what they’re signing up for?

Pay THOUSANDS of dollars FOREVER (unless the district dissolves) for NOTHING with NO chance of EVER having a properly staffed station with ambulance in Meadview — according to LMRFD research.

It is incredibly weird that the cash poor LMRFD pays the administrative assistant Karen Jackson to work from home so she can take care of her baby and then the chief contracted with a temp agency to have Victoria answer the phone, etc.

Not to mention that a Dolanite could be making $20+ hr INSTEAD of paying a TEMP AGENCY!

This is all so weird and I can’t help but wonder WHY the chief keeps paying Karen — it reeks of nepotism or something strange going on.

Is she blackmailing him?

Is he the father of the baby?

What is going on?

That’s of course NOT for the people who pay the salaries to know — executive session.

I’m still waiting for the LMRFD “letter” regarding my posts here and I’d love to actually get into court to find out what’s REALLY going on.

Our lives are on the line.

10/16/17 LMRFD fire board meeting — FUBAR

It seems impossible for LMRFD to produce accurate minutes.

The LMRFD fire board meeting, as usual, started with Charlotte Kiffer pointing out mistakes in the minutes and corrections that had to be made.

Can’t a board member proof the minutes and email with corrections to be made BEFORE the meeting?   They always sit there READING docs at the meetings.

It was later addressed that docs are submitted to them on Friday or Monday just before the meeting and changes will be made to allow the board members to be better prepared.

Eric Terrill motioned to vote to approve the minutes AFTER the corrections had been made, next month because NOTHING is ever done RIGHT.

Apparently Charlotte was asking for a reason, as she later requested an executive session to discuss staff issues after pointing out the constant problems with the minutes and mistakes NOT being corrected as indicated in the meetings and not all items being added to the agenda.

According to the chief, they printed the old version and the changes were actually made. Shit happens everywhere, but at LMRFD that’s just how they do business.

Incredibly, they have to consult with the lawyer about scheduling this executive meeting, wasting MORE money on legal fees.

Charlotte Kiffer asked about year to date income, expenses and budgets.Continue Reading

Ellen Reh-Bower’s LMRFD documents re tax increase, volunteers, Meadview annexation

Ellen Reh-Bower sent me these LMRFD documents for posting here, thanks! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District Alternative Funding Committee Seeking volunteers to research and help pursue/organize revenue sources for the LMRFD outside of tax increases. A few possible avenues so far identified:* Fund raisers, ie: car washes, rummage sales, bake sales, pancake breakfasts,Continue Reading

Open letter to LMRFD and voting on the annexation of all of Meadview

You may have heard that LMRFD is going to put on the ballot the annexation of ALL Meadview and Lake Mead City properties into the fire district. I expected the board to do this IMMEDIATELY after they were elected last year.  They did NOTHING.  Several times I brought the issue up at the monthly boardContinue ReadingContinue Reading

It’s time to separate Meadview from the Dolan Springs LMRFD fire district

Last Monday was another gruesome fire board meeting.   It was scheduled for 1:30 pm, but it didn’t start till around 2 pm (when Steve Berg showed up with a box with papers from the chief) because the chief was assisting broken down tourists with a couple little kids and he let them sit in hisContinue Reading

LMRFD fire board meeting rescheduled to next week

I just called them as the only info at are the FEBRUARY minutes.   So the regular meeting was rescheduled to next Monday 4/24 at 1:30 pm in Meadview at the MCA. The website still has all that false info such as Meadview having a fully staffed fire station.   One of these days somebody isContinue Reading

LMRFD fire board meeting tomorrow 2/27/17 in Dolan Springs

NEW meeting time and place: 1:30 pm Dolan Springs Chamber of Commerce 2/27/17 (not in Meadview as scheluded.) The regular meeting was scheduled for last Monday, another one of those stupid shopping holidays they should just do away with.  Of course I didn’t know it was a holiday, but I went to check the LMRFDContinue Reading

LMRFD fire district tax explained

Here is Rick’s tax bill: EVERYBODY pays into the Fire District Assistance Fund.  I do NOT know what happens with this money, but as you can see it’s very insignificant, under $10 for a $1,158 tax bill. And that’s ALL most Meadview residents pay. The $323.44 is the tax for our LMRFD fire district (DolanContinue Reading

Truck v. horse trailer on I-40

Close call on 1/21/17, it looks like the 5 horses survived. Wouldn’t it be something if our fire district LMRFD sent out press releases and posted videos as the Yucca fire district? Yucca has to be tiny compared to LMRFD! Why can THEY do it? My recent offer for help with their website was politelyContinue Reading