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The end of LMRFD?

After Charlotte and Ellen resigned from the LMRFD board last fall, I stopped going to the board meetings since LMRFD uploaded the meeting videos too.

As soon as I stopped attending the meetings, they stopped uploading recordings:
LMRFD YouTube channel

According to Jay Fleming, there are issues with volunteers and safety violations and you can follow his blog:
Life and Death in Dolan Springs The Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District

Last week chief Tim Bonnee was arrested. From the Standard:

Dolan Springs fire chief arrested, charged with domestic violence

… Deputies conversed with Bonnee whom they encountered in the driveway outside the home.

“Bonnee stated he and his 17-year-old stepson had been in a verbal altercation and he attempted to leave the residence,” said Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Anita Mortensen. She said Bonnee indicated that his wife and step son were in the doorway as he tried to exit the home.

“Further interviews revealed that Bonnee attempted to shove the two out of the doorway and the victim shoved Bonnee away from his mother,” Mortensen said. “The men then began striking each other with closed fists.”

Mortensen said the teen suffered injuries to his face including a swollen eye and bruising. Bonnee was transported to the Adult Detention Center and booked into jail.

The fire board had an emergency meeting on Monday:

3)EMERGENCY BUSINESS. a.Discussion and possible action regarding: Fire Chief Tim Bonnee re: Administrative Leave. (Cass)

•Director Cass motioned that Fire Chief Bonnee is on paid Administrative Leave effective immediately until further notice and any communication with district personnel shall cease until further notice with exception to administrative personnel, and the Chief is directed to not discuss any matters pertaining to the allegations filed with exception to the Board Chair, Board Clerk, Administration and at Board Meetings. Director Karash 2nd. Directors Karash, Tennant, Campbell and Cass voted, “Aye.”Motion carried, unanimously.

Is that legal?   At what point does a fire chief lose his 1st Amendment rights?

This was a domestic dispute and not at all related to LMRFD business.   He can’t work while under investigation?

Maybe the board just wanted him to have some more paid vacation.  After all, the incompetent administrative assistant Karen Jackson gets to work from home, INSTEAD of providing services to the chief and to the public at the station.

And I see Steve Berg is back on the board.  He bankrupted our wonderful Grapevine Mesa district.  It’s tough to watch …

So Trumpesque.


Dolan Springs fire chief arrested, charged with domestic violence


9/23/2019 LMRFD board meeting summary

The board met in the MCA meeting room as the auditorium floor was being waxed.

LMRFD board meeting in recess so the board members could review the financials prior to approving them.

Larry is making sure nobody gets bored.

He comes up with the most ridiculous issues, but he does have a good sense of humor.  He attended by phone today and said it was nice not to see our facial expressions when he talks 🙂

Today’s highlight was Larry demanding that Karen, the incompetent administrative assistant who had filed an ADA complaint against LMRFD and cost the tax payers MANY thousands of dollars, can CONTINUE to work from home.

He went on and on about million dollar businesses being run out of homes and he just doesn’t get it.

Larry, how about you let the firefighters work from home too?

It’s Karen’s job to deal with the public and to work at the fire station — NOT in her home!

Why didn’t Larry provide a listing of other fire districts who let their OFFICE personnel work from home?

You can’t make this stuff up.

He also wanted the dead ambulance at the Meadview station repaired and DEMANDED written estimates.  He comes up with that stuff out of nowhere.  I think Larry needs to start his own business so he can be the decider.  This is NOT how a fire district board member ought to behave.

I do agree that Meadview SHOULD have an ambulance up here, just not that old thing with a dead engine that costs way too much to repair.

GOOD NEWS: 9 volunteers plus 4 or 5 more applications, that’s great!

Tim is doing a fantastic job.  I think DeMaio got one volunteer in the three years he was chief and Tim is outperforming DeMayo in just a few months.

So, with all these volunteers, Meadview ought to be able to TRANSPORT patients.

I realize that there is no money for another ambulance because SO much money is thrown away.

DeMayo was overpaid about $3,000, but our attorney Whittington doesn’t think it’s worth his fee to get the money back.

Why would you even hire a lawyer for that?  You send him a bill and if he doesn’t pay it, you take it from there.  Sending that letter demanding repayment was Karen’s job, not an attorney’s.  And that’s why the legal fees are so high.

Speaking of legal fees, no matter how many times board members or the public ask for accounting, we get nothing.  Why can’t Karen provide a comprehensive report?  How much for DeMayo’s EEOC complaint?   How much for Karen’s ADA complaint?

How much for each of the countless other issues?

Karen is making herself indispensable just like former chief DeMayo.

As Ellen pointed out, if something happened to Karen, nobody would know what to do.  That was also DeMayo’s strategy.   When he went on vacation, someone from the GV district filled in.  That’s why there was so much turmoil when DeMayo finally decided to quit.

It’s much worse with Karen as she works at home.   Who fills in for Karen?
Has the board learned nothing?

If Karen had worked at the station, it’s very unlikely that it would have taken her over a year to notice the $24k payroll fraud.  She would have seen who worked which shifts. is ALWAYS a mess and has NEVER functioned properly.  I heard that Karen’s husband was paid for the website.  If that’s true, he got paid for nothing.

The website isn’t just for minutes etc., but it is supposed to contain information such as about board members, employees, services, events, etc.  LMRFD needs to have a blog with regular updates and news.  That is what an administrative assistant does.

Karen failed to provide the documents related to, requested and paid for MONTHS ago.

For some reason Tim and the board seem to think that the law doesn’t apply because I made my public records request when DeMayo was still chief.   And I don’t want to file a formal complaint  because Tim is doing such a good job.

I realize that with DeMayo leaving, it would have been very difficult to get by without Karen.  But now that Tim got settled in, it’s time for a someone who SHOWS UP and knows how to do spreadsheets, analysis and basic WordPress, so that the district can focus on getting services to Meadview.

How many people died after a stroke or other serious medical emergency up here?

I know of one. 

How many more have died because of DeMaio’s EEOC complaint and Karen’s ADA complaint and the related legal expenses?

When they voted on the ambulance repairs and everybody had agreed that two ambulances (in Dolan Springs) are sufficient, I thought I’d ask what the value of a Meadview life is.   Chairwoman Deb Cass didn’t allow me to speak until the call to the public.  AFTER they voted.  Complaining that this is why the meetings are so long. Deb so needs to go.

I’ve asked for YEARS for a listing of all ambulance runs to Meadview, with the time it takes from the 911 call to arrival in Meadview and a description of the emergency.

So I brought that up during the call to the public and was told to request these records.

First of all, as I also AGAIN mentioned today, I’m still waiting on the records regarding the website.

But more important, it’s the BOARD’s job to DEMAND that public records requests are handled as required by LAW.

Why should I PAY for those records?

Same with the legal bills.   Why should I PAY for these records?

It’s the BOARD’s job to DEMAND these records so that they can make informed decisions.

Ellen talked about how important it is to have the administrative assistant in the office as she used to have that job.

The best news today was that we’ll FINALLY get subscriptions, as I have requested since 2015. 

A huge thank you to Tim!

I would NEVER voluntarily put my house into the fire district — FOREVER or until the district dissolves.  But I’ll pay for my annual subscription and if they don’t get an ambulance for the Meadview station, I can simply stop paying.  Let’s see how many people subscribe, a good showing should get us the ambulance.

I’m so happy to see Tim do such a fantastic job, getting so many volunteers and also paid personnel.  We even have a full-time lady firefighter now!

But with Deb, Larry and Joe voting against Ellen and Charlotte, it doesn’t look so good.

Theodora deserved to be on the board, but Deb doesn’t like Theodora, one of Meadview’s most intelligent residents with lots of board experience. Theodora had been volunteering for LMRFD and attended the board meetings. She had done a lot of research.

They told her that she wasn’t eligible to run until the filing deadline had passed.

The corruption, even at the lowest level … Corruption just like in D.C.

Pretrial conference re. $24000 theft from LMRFD — collusion and obstruction?

This is truly bizarre.    LMRFD chairwoman Deb Cass took this matter OFF the agenda at yesterday’s fire district board meeting.  The board was to provide updates on the prosecution of Phillip Picard, but Deb refused any discussion.

That really leaves me wondering what chairwoman Cass is covering up!   There’s something really wrong when a fire board member continually insists on NOT investigating and reporting on CRIMINAL activity.   While this $24k payroll theft is not exactly small potatoes, I’d want to know what happened if it was only $240.

My previous post about this theft:

How could LMRFD chief Tony DeMaio NOT notice $24,000 payroll fraud?

I asked Deb WHY she voted AGAINST prosecuting Picard and she stated that he paid back what he stole.

So my next question for Deb is why she doesn’t care to find out HOW this $24k theft happened without chief Anthony DeMaio noticing.

WHY, Deb?

Here is the 5/14/19 Grand Jury Indictment:

Picard’s arraignment was on 6/10/19 and he appeared telephonically as he now resides in Illinois and he was represented by attorney Troy Anderson.


Unfortunately, the court filing doesn’t include much info:

… Discussion ensues as to other cases that are pending, discovery and possible enhancement motions. The Court reads the charges, and advises the Defendant of the possible range of penalties involved. Discussion ensues as to any pending plea offer, and victim’s rights, if applicable. ..

The fire district should have had someone at the arraignment to report specifics.  Picard plead NOT guilty! So WHO did it?

The pretrial conference is scheduled for next Monday, 7/1 at 10 am, and I hope “someone” will be there to report what happened.

From the Mohave Daily article:

… Picard wrote fire district board members on his own behalf expressing surprise that numerous time sheets had been submitted for dates and hours he did not work.

“I informed Chief DeMaio and Karen that I want to make this right with the district and reimburse whatever overpayment has been made,” Picard said in an undated statement that is quoted in Bauer’s report. “From the bottom of my heart I would never purposefully steal from the fire district and only want to make it right by paying all wages that were incorrectly paid to me.” …

If Picard didn’t “purposefully” steal the $24k, who did?

More realistically, how did Picard pull this off without chief DeMaio noticing?

Was DeMaio in on it?

How did Picard pay the $24k back?

Maybe chairwoman Deb Cass has some answers?

If not, why don’t you care, Deb?

Collusion and obstruction?


Hello Deb,

Your attempts to bury the Picard theft are very suspicious.   I therefore request your comments regarding my post at [this page] and your explanation for removing the discussion of the Picard prosecution from the LMRFD agenda.

I also request that you add the Picard prosecution again to each agenda for updates until the matter is resolved and we all know what happened.  You may not care how Picard pulled this $24k theft off, but the residents whose lives depend on LMRFD have the right to know how this happened, what the district has done to prevent future thefts and why you, the chairwoman of the LMRFD board, do not care to get to the truth.



Deb’s 6/26/19 response:


Thank you for your concerns but I don’t feel it’s appropriate to respond as one board member to the Picard matter.  I can suggest you reach out to Administration, Karen who could help you with this.

Thank you,


How could LMRFD chief Tony DeMaio NOT notice $24,000 payroll fraud?

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LMRFD chief Tony DeMaio and Karen Jackson v. Christine Baker

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LMRFD fire board meeting rescheduled to Wednesday 9/26/18

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LMRFD administrative assistant Karen Jackson petitioned for injunction for harassment

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