As the Mohave County haters are reveling in their “win” (while actually losing the popular vote), I joined the California National Party and I’m even considering moving back to the West Coast where people have fun and haters are the minority.

But I wasn’t quite ready to give up on Mohave County yet and I asked on Facebook whether hating was all Mohave County has to offer.  I got the link to and from there got to 

Finally, a benevolent organization in Mohave County!
They ask for nominations and this is the nomination that made me write this post:
Dr. Attiya Salim
Source: Dr. Attiya Salim

It’s a long read and really worth reading if you are ill and you have to live with pain, if you know someone with serious illness or if you just want to read about a woman who cares about her patients.  A short excerpt from the nomination:

… Most every doctor, every therapist and every specialist I encountered, I recognized as people who were slowly robbing me of hope for a full recovery, and in most cases, even a partial recovery. It seemed as my physical therapists were focused on teaching me how to be more proficient at navigating and transferring safely from my wheelchair, than helping me regain any part of what I had lost. No matter how much I pleaded with each of them, sometimes very tearfully, I typically would only receive more medication or more words which were discouraging. My hope diminished and I felt my light extinguishing, but I did not give up. I only became very quiet, and though my determination grew inside of me, I was so sad.

My primary physician was especially a person who would be very vocal and use words which were deeply discouraging. She once told me, “this is never going to get better and you need to accept your limitations and learn to live with them.”

At a point when my physical symptoms of pain increased to an unmanageable level, I was referred to a pain management doctor who was also an anesthesiologist. I resisted taking any narcotics for pain relief and was grateful that she understood and assisted me by using other methods to control my pain. I’m not sure why, and may only attribute what happened later to this physician’s personal work ethic, standards of care and adherence to the Hippocratic oath, but I could tell early in my doctor/patient relationship, that she was strongly committed to helping me in every possible way.

At one visit, this remarkable doctor said to me, “I can’t wait for the day you will WALK into my office, a day you will know your life is back to normal and you have healed.” Given my experiences from every other doctor and specialist encountered, I was truly shocked by her words, but deeply grateful. It wasn’t just her words, but the way she said them, that made me know she was genuine and sincere. …

I also have to mention Kingman chiropractor Dr. Dorf here as I have several friends who highly recommend her.  It’s not all bad here, just have to keep asking and stay away from the haters.