New pictures of the Joshua Tree massacre

Here are some new pictures of the Joshua Tree massacre on Pierce Ferry and Greggs Hideout (Antares on the other side of Pierce Ferry.)  They’re done drilling the new well and I’ve been told they’ll keep on clearing going up Patterson Grade, but I have no first hand knowledge.  I will do more research and I’m thrilled that Jan Emming is looking into this now as the people of Meadview and Jean Bishop are so indifferent.

The issues are not only the protection of Joshua Trees, desert tortoises and our precious eco system, but the farmers are using up our water and polluting our water and air with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.  I would not object to SUSTAINABLE agriculture producing organic food for LOCALS, but growing almonds in monoculture right there is just not right.   We have so much land all over the county (such as along 93) with not a whole lot of  vegetation to begin with.


They cleared a LOT MORE and while I was told they would go north along Pierce Ferry, they also cleared west on Greggs Hideout.

Looking north from Greggs Hideout road
Looking north from Greggs Hideout road

Joshua Trees don't burn well -- they're not trees.
Joshua Trees don’t burn well — they’re not trees.


The bulldozed trees look to me like fallen soldiers -- trying to protect the next section to be cleared.
The bulldozed trees look to me like fallen soldiers — trying to protect the next section to be cleared.  They’re no match for a dozer.


Looking north from Greggs Hideout
Looking north from Greggs Hideout


The new well
The new well


Pierce Ferry
Pierce Ferry


They left about a 100 ft or so of vegetation along Pierce Ferry during their latest clearing, I’m guessing to make it less obvious.

The Joshua Trees that are still standing are looking a lot better after all the rain we had the last 6 weeks.

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  1. They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace.
    — Tacitus, 56-117 CE

  2. A Massacre involves The killing Of People. This is by no means a Massacre I understand that if you can put a spin on the words you use you can draw in more people but Come on really a Massacre?

    • Lorie, do you realize that some of these Joshua Trees are hundreds of years old?


      Definition of massacre

      : the act or an instance of killing a number of usually helpless or unresisting human beings under circumstances of atrocity or cruelty

      : a cruel or wanton (see 1wanton 3a) murder

      : a wholesale slaughter of animals

      : an act of complete destruction [the author’s massacre of traditional federalist presuppositions — R. G. McCloskey] [the Puritan massacre of statues and pictures — Robert Hughes]


      Did I miss the part that specifies that everything but Joshua Trees can be massacred?

  3. I was there and talked with the drillers— they said it was for water for the new farmland they are making by clearing the desert—- Looks a lot like Yuma when they get all the irrigation in.
    Just drive the road to Kingman and you will see what the finished product looks like…. Beautiful if you are a farmer— i would like to get out on it and detect once they push it….but I guess I wont get a pass on that request….

    • Do you know who the drillers are? I.e. which company initiated this? I heard the land was purchased by an out of state company, but I don’t know which one. Any info would be helpful.

  4. After doing a little bit of research, I gathered that this was some undisturbed private ranch land. Although beautiful, and containing many Joshua Trees, if it was private land, there isn’t much we can do about it. Complain a lot, but the complaints will fall on deaf ears.

    • Laws are made to be changed.

      After all, women wouldn’t have the right to vote and blacks would still be slaves if “somebody” hadn’t cared enough to cause some CHANGE.

      We were hoping to get BLM to do a land swap with a section with little vegetation, but the “Friends of the Joshua Trees” chose to support and protect the farmer. Thousands of acres will be cleared and while they rehomed 50 trees, they wouldn’t even assist with rehoming the many additional small trees that residents wanted to adopt and that now got bulldozed. So we’re coming in real late, they already drilled the well and started clearing.

      I suppose we’ll just clear the entire desert for alfalfa and nut trees and in 20 years we have NO water left and it will all turn into a giant dust bowl.

      Only humans can be so incredibly stupid.

  5. Why do they always have to do these things. Those trees should be a protected species. I actually thought they were. They are very old and do not grow everywhere. At least why can’t they replant elsewhere?

    • They are protected on PUBLIC land and we need to change the law to protect them on private land. I’m all for REASONABLE private property rights, but this massacre is far beyond reasonable.

  6. Very sad indeed. I just saw the google maps image, and I can see the pile of razed Joshua trees being burned. Very similar to the razing of the peat swamps forest in Sumatra and Borneo, where they burned vast lands of wilderness for monoculture plantations.

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