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Looming water restrictions and UNLIMITED growth continues

The Mohave County BOS does absolutely NOTHING to slow growth. HUNDREDS of commercial wells have been permitted to be drilled.  They’re not even metered!

UNLIMITED FREE water for the thugs exporting it in everything from almonds to alfalfa to dairy.

We have ongoing power problems in Meadview, apparently due to so many people moving here from California, as I discussed in a previouse post:

NO water, fires everywhere and supervisor Jean Bishop does NOTHING!

Supervisor Jean Bishop recently posted on FaceBook the link to Unisource for the current status of another major power outage — INSTEAD of taking action.

Governor Ducey WELCOMES venture capitalist water exporters like Al Barbarich, the proud destroyer of our Joshua Trees and our ecosystem, wasting and polluting our water, poisoning our air with pesticides – so he can get even richer. Notably, the almond farmer has plenty of power to run their giant commercial irrigation wells, but we can’t even keep our water co-op wells going.

And the locals, like dimwitted lemmings, are giving Al Barbarich standing ovations for a few hundred dollars in donations to local non profits.

Predatory capitalism at work.  Take unlimited FREE water, destroy the environment, contribute essentially nothing, take everything you can until there is nothing.

And the demented population loves it.

Rape, plunder, pillage …  with impunity.   Nothing ever changes.

What the hell is wrong with the people here?

Under a shortage condition, water allotments to Arizona would be reduced by 320,000 acre-feet, Nevada by 13,000 acre-feet, and Mexico by 50,000 acre-feet.

90% of Southern Nevada’s water comes from Lake Mead. The Southern Nevada Water Authority says if a declaration is made there’s no need to panic. There will still be more than enough water with the region using about 250,000 acre-feet of water last year.

“The shortage that is prescribed on the Colorado River is really not going to affect Southern Nevada because we have done so much to reduce our water use,” Bronson Mack, a spokesperson for the water authority, said.

Back in September 2020, the Bureau of Reclamation released models that suggested looming shortages in Lake Powell and Lake Mead were more likely than previously thought between expanding cities and prolonged drought.


NO water, fires everywhere and supervisor Jean Bishop does NOTHING!

I just came back from the Greentree well and found out that BOTH wells are down. The recommendations are to try again tomorrow early morning before we’re out again because so many Californians are back for the weekend.

However, it’s a ZERO SUM game.  Showing up earlier does NOT mean that we’ll have more water at the well.  It just means that another resident won’t get the 500 gallons I hauled.

Since July 29, 20 I have been demanding that our supervisor Jean Bishop take action to protect the lives and livelihoods of her constituents, the residents of District 4, including Meadview.  Our correspondence is included with my posting:

Supervisor Jean Bishop: Meadview needs a building moratorium NOW!

Jean Bishop did NOTHING!

The so hailed Unisource repairs apparently also did NOTHING.

They will try to upgrade the lines.   A new substation will take a long time.

So here are my demands to our Supervisor Jean Bishop:

1) Do what it takes to get Unisource to supply generators for the wells on Smith and Greentree — by Monday.

2) Have Unisource send a $20,000 check to the Lake Mead City Water Co-op for the ENORMOUS amount of work.  DAILY drives from well to well, just trying to keep us alive here.

3) Arrange compensation for the RESIDENTS who waste their time and money driving from well to well.

4) I request $1,000 for MY trouble, not only wasting gas and fuel but as you know, I have stress-induced brain damage and this has very negatively affected my health and therefore my ability to earn a living.

5) Enact the requested building moratorium IMMEDIATELY!

6) Put a banner on the Mohave County website linking to a WARNING for potential new residents.  You OWE them the TRUTH.  Mohave County and specifically Meadview do NOT have the infrastructure to ensure the most basic services such as WATER and ELECTRICITY.

Everywhere I drive I see new construction, moving vans and shipping containers coming in and it will only get WORSE!

Ms. Bishop, I have NO intention of wasting my time discussing these issues with Deputy County Attorney Robert Taylor, as you suggested in your last email to me.  If I talk to an attorney about this, it will be to sue the County and you.

Deputy County Attorney Robert Taylor is NOT on the ballot, YOU are.

Deputy County Attorney Robert Taylor does NOT get paid to represent the District 4 residents, YOU are.

And if you are NOT up to the task, please RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. 

Make room for someone more competent.

  • The fires and C-19 are raging in California.  THOUSANDS will want to move here.

I finally see some clouds and I even heard a little thunder earlier.

What are we going to do if we have even the SMALLEST fire TODAY — while there is no water because the wells are down?

Who is going to PAY for the residents’ damages?

What if someone runs out of water and the swamp cooler stops cooling and they have a stroke or maybe even die?


Jean Bishop?


URL emailed to Jean Bishop for comments.

Supervisor Jean Bishop: Meadview needs a building moratorium NOW!

UPDATED below with Jean Bishop’s 8/10/20 reply

Emailed to Supervisor Jean Bishop on 7/29/20:

Dear Supervisor Bishop:

Today I spoke with reps for the Lake Mead City Water Co-op and Unisource as our wells are constantly shutting down due to power issues.

We live like in a developing country, or a “shithole country”, as President Trump would say.

Please IMMEDIATELY enact a building moratorium for Meadview. 

No permits for construction of homes or setup of mobiles until we KNOW with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that we have the infrastructure and resources to ensure that residents are able to SURVIVE here.

1) We need to be certain that we have sufficient power for the residents and the wells.

2) We need to be certain that we have sufficient water in our aquifer.  I’ve heard that our aquifer is losing a foot per year, is this true?

When my friend Leo died in his camper, he lived off-grid by choice.  He was old, had brain damage, overestimated his resilience and he didn’t realize that he would NOT get any medical assistance and would be left to die alone.  KRMC deliberately left him to die, refused to readmit him, knowing that he had diarrhea, no running water, to electric, no cooling — during a heatwave in July.

Leo Goding 12/2/42 to 7/30/2015

To my knowledge, KRMC still kicks traumatized and injured seniors out of the ER in the middle of the night — whether they are able to pay the cab fare or not — even when they live alone 60 miles from Kingman and are seriously injured.

Due to the lack of medical services, a dysfunctional fire district, and HOURS to wait for medical assistance, IF an ambulance is available, it is even more important that we have reliable power and water supply.

Most residents rely on power and water to run their swamp coolers and A/Cs.  It’s frequently over 100F.   When I lived in my mobile and didn’t have the swamp cooler running, it was often so hot in the afternoon that my computer would not start up.

It’s election time and an excellent opportunity to find out what our elected representatives are doing or NOT doing for us. 

  • It took FOUR years to fix the washout in Meadview at Sandy Point.  Four YEARS, not months.

So I’ll appreciate your immediate action on the issues and I request that you inform us about the actions you have taken and will take to ensure the survival of the elderly and poor in your district.

Until those issues are properly addressed, please immediately enact a moratorium for building and mobile home permits in the Meadview area.


Christine Baker

The flier at the wells:


Supervisor Bishop’s 8/10/20 reply:

Good morning Ms. Baker

I have been in contact with Mohave County Development Services Department as well as the County Attorney regarding your request to “immediately enact a building moratorium for Meadview”.

The information received is that a moratorium on development and use of land is extremely disfavored as a restraint on property rights and is intended to be temporary in duration (180 days) while the root of the problem is being resolved.

It is also my understanding that UniSource is aware of the situation and has been working to resolve the problem temporarily as they work on a permanent solution to increase the electrical capacity.


Jean Bishop
Mohave County Supervisor District 4

My 8/12/20 followup questions:

Thank you for your reply, Ms. Bishop.

> The information received is that a moratorium on development and
> use of land is extremely disfavored as a restraint on property rights

Who provided this information?

Who is stating that property rights are more important than human lives?

WHO makes policy in Mohave County?

Much appreciate clarification!

Christine Baker

Supervisor Jean Bishop’s 8/12/2 terse reply:

Ms. Baker,

If you have specific questions regarding this subject, please feel free to contact Deputy County Attorney Robert Taylor.


Jean Bishop

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