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Supervisor Jean Bishop KILLED the funding needed for Sheriff Schuster

The Meadview Morons got their way, once again.

The BOS meeting was riveting – literally.

My nose was almost touching my notebook screen because the volume was so low and I didn’t have external speakers with me.  One budget after the other got voted down as Hildy Angius (Bullhead) refused to vote for the property tax increase proposed by Jean Bishop.

“Our” Supervisor Bishop REFUSED to utilize the many MILLIONS of dollars in EXCESS reserves.

They finally agreed to utilize some of that excess money and to give NO additional funds to the sheriff.

Next time Bishop comes to Meadview, you should RUN HER OUT OF TOWN!

And next time your stuff is stolen, send Jean Bishop a thank you card.

Video: Supervisor Jean Bishop town hall meeting re property tax increase

Jean Bishop held a town hall meeting in Dolan Springs yesterday and I posted the video:

Bishop tried hard to keep me from recording her lies, has me blocked on Facebook and did NOT write back to my email.  Of course she also didn’t want me announcing the meeting here, one or two people from Meadview might have shown up and asked questions.   I’m surprised that so few people care about the property tax increase or maybe most don’t know?

Did she have a meeting in Meadview too?

If you do NOT want the tax increase, attend the BOS meeting tomorrow and speak up!

Hildy Angius’ proposed budget is a good starting point, but we need to move more funds from EXCESS reserves, the SHERIFF needs at least 5 million.

Steven Robinson prepared the Mohave County “Funds with Financial Resources“.   Check out the “EXCESS Reserves Available” totaling over $30 million!

A rough draft of Jean Bishop’s lies and misrepresentations, written from memory:

  • At the end of the video Bishop states that Dolan Springs gets ROADS from the property tax increase.   I’ve demanded that the County make emergency repairs after floods on our roads and she had said that ONLY HURF funds are used for roads.  That’s probably also addressed in the 2016 GV forum video and/or the Meadview 8/16 roads meeting video.
  • Regarding the SWEEPS — the State has been taking money from our County funds, I believe since 2008.  Bishop said she does not want to sweep money from departments with EXCESS reserves because that’s like “stealing”, just as if the State took it.It is “stealing” when the STATE takes OUR County funds.   Bishop doesn’t get that when we “sweep” money from one department to another, it’s NOT stealing!   It just means that we allocated too many funds and so we correct that by allocating LESS in the 2018 budget and then give the money to the sheriff.
  • To explain to the audience how the tax increase will affect property owners, Bishop used the figures INCLUDING the reassessment.  OBVIOUSLY that does NOT indicate how much the tax increase will cost home owners because many properties are assessed at a lower value than last year.  How STUPID does Bishop think we are?   I will ask her for the CORRECT figures.
  • The pension debt — I’m still confused, is it really NOT a debt, but just a loan to the state and we later reduce our payments to the state?
  • Bishop stated that it’s stupid to pay interest and that’s why she wants the tax increases.   She is clearly in lala land, not aware that many homeowners carry credit card debt at a much higher interest rate than what the county would pay.   Essentially she is shifting the interest burden to the property owners and they will pay MUCH higher interest rates than the County.
  • The general fund is almost $8 million OVER budget!  The total “Excess Reserves Available” including the General Fund is $30 million. And Supervisor Jean Bishop wants to raise taxes, unreal …

All sorts of budget and tax increase info is at my new forum at — I’m not yet finished setting the forum up, but needed a place to organize info.

I’ll be annotating the video with the lies and misrepresentations and I’d like to ask for Bishop’s resignation  — if we only had someone to replace her with.

It’s tough to find people with brains, honest, compassionate … willing and able to deal with the other morons on the board, countless boring meetings and a population that for the most part couldn’t care less.

My open Letter to District 4 Supervisor Jean Bishop regarding roads

In response to my request for comments regarding my post Who filled the potholes on Rose? LMC and Unit 7 road update I had several emails with District 4 Supervisor Jean Bishop.  This open letter is my most recent response and summarizes the issues.


Ms. Bishop,

What do you mean I “claim” ownership?

As District 4 supervisor, are you NOT aware that EVERYBODY in LMC and Unit 7 owns their roads?

This bizarre and life threatening road situation affects many property owners outside Kingman city limits in YOUR District 4. Probably all those 1+ acre lots in the Dolan Springs and Meadview subdivisions are set up with the roads included in the private property.

Since it appears that you do not understand the issues, I’ll summarize the situation for you:

  • Many homeowners in your District 4 OWN the roads.
  • The COUNTY approved these subdivisions.
  • The COUNTY refuses to maintain the roads.
  • The COUNTY refuses to CLEAR the “county maintained” roads such as Charles immediately after destructive flash floods, endangering the residents’ lives as emergency vehicles can’t get to their houses and even trucks can’t get OUT to Pierce Ferry.

You stated that “the owner of the road, in this case – you would be legally liable” if someone gets hurt on “my” road.

I asked “since I can get SUED, can I put up a gate and close the road?”

You responded stating “since you claim ownership of the road in question, I would strongly suggest you contact an attorney for legal advice.”

Ms. Bishop, I’m not going to pay for legal advice unless I sue the County and/or you.

I have purchased several properties in District 4 and it was never disclosed to me that I could get SUED if someone got hurt on “my” road, which we are NOT legally allowed to block off as the public has an easement to use our roads.

Nor did anyone disclose that we are risking our lives living here because emergency vehicles may not be able to assist with life threatening emergencies for several days after storms.

This is a material omission and all real estate agents need to DISCLOSE the road dangers and liabilities to potential buyers.

Will you help raise awareness?

  • Will you assist me with getting the word out, such as with a COUNTY press release advising all real estate agents that they MUST disclose to potential buyers that they will risk their lives and livelihood when they purchase property here?
  • Can you provide guidance to property owners, such as what kind of maintenance they should perform and how often to avoid getting a giant judgment against them because someone got hurt or killed on their road?
  • Don’t you agree that ALL absentee owners should be notified by the County to ensure that the owners hire people to make the roads safe?  These absentee owners can not possibly know about their obligations and the risks involved with owning land here.

There are so many roads that are NOT passable (even with 4WD), not to mention all the roads that are barely passable.

It is so important that you finally get a grip on the issues the residents in your district are struggling with.

Mr. Bishop, it’s been a year since the catastrophic storms last summer and you have done nothing for us. I’m going to send out press releases, letters to editors, lawyers, etc. to inform the public and especially people considering moving to one of the planet’s most beautiful deserts — MOHAVE COUNTY. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most corrupt and mismanaged counties and ill served by overpaid “DO NOTHING” elected officials like you.

Please FINALLY start doing your job and work for the District 4 residents.

Prepare a plan to fix this life threatening road situation and keep me informed so that my publications accurately reflect your positions and activities.

I just searched the web for any kind of online information about your opinions, priorities, goals and possibly even accomplishments, but I found NOTHING but a link to Facebook — where you had the audacity to block me.

It might be in your interest to unblock me on Facebook if you’re not the “DO NOTHING” supervisor you’re known as around here.   Did you discuss with your attorney the legality of blocking residents in your district on Facebook?

I recommend that you search the web for “legality elected official blocking on social media” and found numerous very relevant and interesting articles.  Here’s one:

Interesting report from Miami on an effort to stop a Florida politician from blocking critics from his Facebook page. It includes this:

Courts have repeatedly ruled that elected officials who discuss public matters on social media accounts are not allowed to block people or delete posts they don’t like, because those pages are used to disseminate public information. Courts have also ruled that politicians’ social accounts become public records once they use those pages to discuss official business.

Thank you,

Christine Baker

Sad fact:

While they won’t even give us a few loads of DIRT, the County actually paved roads in Meadview last year — excellent dirt roads used by maybe 5 cars/day.  The ultimate insult!

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