Dolan Springs fatal accident

Drove to Vegas yesterday shortly after this horrible accident occurred on Pierce Ferry at MP 7, by the Mormon church:

Contrary to the wishful thinking of the Dolan Springs tourist haters, both drivers were locals.  According to Facebook posts, the driver of the car was in the oncoming lane and DOA and the driver of the truck William “Skip” R Frakes Jr. is recovering with a broken foot.

We’ll see many more of these head on accidents if our supervisors (Jean Bishop for District 4) go ahead with the idiotic plan to turn Pierce Ferry into a 3 (three!) lane highway.   Dolan Springs needs a bypass and in typical Mohave County m. o., our BOS ignores reality — they couldn’t possibly care less about human lives.

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  1. This was a terrible accident I believe the accident report penned it on a medical accident. As far as the third, suicide lane as it commonly preferred to, goes it will allow for a safer left turn and allow traffic to flow. The only draw back will be drivers stuck on stupid who use it as s passing lane. In that case the MCSO should be able to see them a mile away and issue the ticket they deserve.

  2. Randy, since the MCSO doesn’t have a deputy every half mile 24/7, I think the tickets will come AFTER the accidents. Most drivers are either tourists, old folks or drunk.

    Not to mention that I don’t understand WHY this third lane can not be used to overtake cars. Does a 3rd lane mean that it will be NO PASSING at all anymore on Pierce Ferry?

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