Update 2/22/20:  As I have to renew my registration, I noticed that the fee didn’t apply to 3 of the 5 year registration options and decided to look it up.  TWO more years of this BS fee.  Doubling my registration cost.



This is about as awful as government can get, DOUBLING registration fees for the poor driving old junkers.  Many people have trucks to haul water on dirt roads.  I will NOT be renewing my water truck registration if they don’t repeal this fee.

Info on the bill to REPEAL the $32 fee:

I don’t know WHY Ducey got re-elected:

My email to the AZ Senate Appropriations Committee:

Subject: Please repeal the $32 Public Safety Fee

Dear members of the Senate Appropriations Committee:

I urge you to repeal the $32 Public Safety Fee for vehicle registrations.

I’m all for safety, but NOT on the back of the poor!

YES, when you drive a $30K vehicle, $32 isn’t much. However, for the countless retirees, disabled and ill on fixed incomes with old junkers this is a major expense!

Many residents in rural areas NEED two vehicles as they need a truck to haul their water from the public wells and a more fuel efficient car to do their errands and doctor visits in towns often 50-100 miles away.

My registration fee DOUBLED!!!

And quite frankly, I’m considering NOT renewing my water hauler registration as I don’t take it on paved roads anyway. I’m certain many of my friends and neighbors will also stop registering vehicles not driven on paved roads.

Please repeal this unjust fee. Maybe you can approve a percentage based fee increase, I’m ok with a 10% increase.

I appreciate your working for the little people!


Christine Baker

I got a response right away from Vince Leach, Representative, LD11:

I am a yes vote

So don’t think that those emails aren’t read!

I have NO idea when they vote, but if you care, email them.  Here are the email addresses formatted for my email client, your required format may be different:

Lela Alston <LALSTON@azleg.gov>, Sean Bowie <SBOWIE@azleg.gov>, Heather Carter <HCARTER@azleg.gov>, Sine Kerr <SKERR@azleg.gov>, David Livingston <DLIVINGSTON@azleg.gov>, Lisa Otondo <LOTONDO@azleg.gov>,  David Gowan <DGOWAN@azleg.gov>

And here’s Vince Leach <VLEACH@azleg.gov> — since we already got his yes vote, there’s no need to bother him.

If you care, DO something!