A few weeks ago I tried to look up fire district candidates at the county website.  I wasted a lot of time and found NOTHING.

Eventually I thought about this during County business hours and I called.  I was transferred to a lady who told me that the County does not list the fire district candidates on the web. Anyone can call and they will tell you.

Is there ANYTHING Mohave County could do to show more disregard for the safety of the residents?

My next question was who to contact about  campaign sign violations outside city limits.  Incredibly, she informed me that the County does not enforce regulations.

So here we have Joe Campbell, LMRFD fire district candidate.

His signs are all over Meadview and there is NO mention of who paid for the sign, no website, no email, no phone number, NO way to contact him.

Campaign sign violation

I have NO idea WHY Joe Campbell is running and I had no way to contact him.

I think Joe attended ONE (1) LMRFD board meeting a few months ago.

He NEVER contributed ANYTHING and never once shared ANY idea on how to get the Meadview station properly staffed or anything else.

Currently we have AT BEST one (1) guy at the Meadview fire station.  He does NOT live here, doesn’t know the roads and most important, can’t transport patients anyway because two (2) people are required to move patients into the ambulance and one is to drive and the other attends to the patient.

Joe Campbell has to be the most talented politician around:

Joe provides absolutely NO info whatsoever and by violating campaign sign laws, made it impossible for me to ask just a single question.

And that’s the MEADVIEW way. As established by COM, candidates can lie with impunity, questions and recording is NOT allowed.

It’s not just the fault of the people / cliques who run Meadview that just about EVERYTHING is beyond mediocre.

Our ultra conservative “fix your own roads and drive yourself to the hospital” BOS couldn’t possibly care less about our fire districts.

To not even list the fire board candidates on the County web site and to NOT enforce campaign sign laws really takes the cake!

LMRFD is not the only district with constant legal and financial problems.
Some news stories about other Mohave County fire districts:

LMRFD has been bankrupt TWICE in the last 8 years and might just head towards the 3rd insolvency — all while Meadview has at best one guy at the station.

I was so happy to meet Theodora Koeppen, a temporary board member new to Meadview and very competent.  She gave me hope for LMRFD.  But the corrupt forces on the fire board kept her from running, claiming that she was not eligible to be on the board and therefore she missed the deadline to file the papers for her candidacy.

I sure hope that Ellen gets elected and her much more informational ad is here:


Dear supervisor Bishop,

Who decided that the County would not list fire district candidates on the county election site and that the County will NOT enforce campaign sign violations?

Mohave County does NOT care about our fire districts and campaign sign violations

Appreciate your comments,

Christine Baker

Of course I’ll update with the response.