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Tax liens advertised by the County are EXTREMELY dangerous investments

The COM paper just had a full page ad for people to buy tax liens.

Sadly, the County FAILS to warn investors about the RISKS of investing in delinquent property tax liens.

Tax DEEDS are definitely the way to go, but I couldn’t find a single property in Dolan or Meadview.

When it comes to tax liens, you might be better off throwing your money away — unless the law changed.

At least throwing your money away doesn’t involve WORK, STRESS and LAWSUITS.

I think it was 2010 when the AZ court of appeals DENIED the investor’s demand for the expenses related to foreclosing on the tax lien property.  The owner paid up AFTER the lawsuit was filed and the investor got NOTHING!

  • The investor couldn’t locate the owner and served by publication.
  • The owner PAID the delinquent taxes after the investor had filed the lawsuit and started with publication for service.
  • However, service is not effective until the notice was published for I believe 4 weeks.
  • The court DENIED the investor’s demand for reimbursement of the expenses because service was NOT effective yet [after THOUSANDS of dollars were wasted on lawyers, court costs and publication.]

Updated 8/20/19:  While the investors do NOT get paid for the expenses by the owner at the time of redemption, they do get a judgment for the amount and a lien on the property.  That likely means that they have to wait to get their thousands of dollars in legal expenses until the property is sold or the owner dies.

So here’s my email to Ms. Cox:

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A powerful opinion piece about the Kingman Airport Authority

This has to be one of the best “community viewpoints” posted at the Miner:

John Conners, La Jolla, California Resident

Originally published Friday, August 25, 2017 at 05:59a.m.

As a frequent visitor to Kingman for many years, and a resident of La Jolla, California for the other part of the year, I am totally shocked by what I perceive is really going on at this once wonderful airfield.

I have been to several airport board meetings. No one seems to want to give the citizens present any accurate expense or operation costs, or they claim ignorance or not having any current information available.

Mayor Monica Gates seems to play to whichever direction the wind is blowing. You claim this and that, Mayor, but never with any consistency.

There is always a local attorney present at these meetings, too. Why? Looks as though that gentleman is a safety net for the airport authority and its incompetency and mistakes. It is all about billable hours, isn’t it Mr. Lawyer?

Business at the facility is in decline. The fire bomber company has left.

At one meeting recently, someone stated that only a small group of pilots or tenants were unhappy with the Kingman Airport Authority. They are mightily wrong there, especially after Mr. (Vearl) Haynes went viral. There is a huge amount of anger, mistrust and disappointment beyond belief all over town and outside areas.

The KAA had a big increase in charges to all their rental property at the airport. For what? They have virtually no outside employees that maintain the airport property.

There are weeds growing everywhere. If intimidated enough, someone will do some minor weeding or clean up the place on occasion.

There aren’t any trash cans at the airport, nor access to any. There is a huge street sweeper in the administration building and it is driven around, but no one I have ever spoken with has seen it sweep anything.

The facility has seven air conditioning units sitting outside. Sure must get hot in that office, which I think are only filled with a couple people full-time. It is a beautiful building inside with all sorts of very expensive decorations and furniture. Go check it out.

Yet the terminal building, where the restaurant is, is rather rundown. The AC is weak and does not adequately cool the building. Why did the planners not install an industrial AC unit in the administration building? I guess someone had a lot of excess inventory to unload. It’s only taxpayers’ money, right?

The airport must be saved. The administration building has a glass wall running from left to right. In all probability it is there to keep us peasants isolated from the elite aristocracy.

This entire operations is in need of a major audit and investigation as to why they need so much money to operate virtually nothing. Is it misappropriation, greed, theft or arrogance of power?

Other airports are established under the rules of Grant Assurance regulations, which guarantees the facility will have no discrimination and will always be an airport. It also guarantees that the charges and fees will be commensurate in the area of other grant-controlled airports, even if they are not in the same state.

I would advise the users, tenants and all interested parties to get major government involvement from the Justice Department, FBI and Grant Assurance specialists.

From all indications and reactions from certain functionaries, there is something very, very wrong.

On Aug. 11, an article printed on the front page of the Daily Miner states that the KAA bowed out of the latest and future workshop with the public.And, of course, they had to hire their local attorney to write a letter to the city attorney that there was no way the people are going to improve the airport or any area of the industrial park.

Are you kidding? This is all about funding loss, the possibility of missing funds and bad management in all areas.

We have never received a straight or logical answer from anyone in the KAA about any one, or all, of the problems at the airport.

Vearl Haynes literally told all who were present, and those on video, when he lost his temper that there is something terribly wrong that the authority is trying to conceal from the City of Kingman and the public.

The first words out of the so-called treasurer’s mouth was to threaten litigation on everyone who questioned his lack of honesty.

Folks, time has run out for these people in charge. They sure do not want any more meetings, fine. Now is the time to plan and initiate a forensic audit.

Get the federal authorities involved.

Who is John Conners from La Jolla?  Why is he involved?  Are these allegations true?
It sure would be helpful if the Miner allowed readers to post comments (not the anonymous morons, but real people).
I’ve been reading bits and pieces about the KAA, but have no comprehensive knowledge.  Wouldn’t be surprised at all if John Conners is correct.

Budget crisis, property tax INCREASE, NO increased funding for sheriff? And the roads SUCK!

I’ve been busy trying to figure out WHY we need a real estate tax increase while we seem to have a ton of money due to funding increases despite unused funds last year or continued allocation of funds that are not used.

Last week supervisor Moss was appointed to superior court judge and our District 4 supervisor Jean Bishop doesn’t exactly show a lot of problem solving skills:

I’ve been trying to figure out the budget and posted some info at my new Resource Forum (not quite ready, but I need to organize the info):


I posted on Facebook and nobody seems to understand what’s going on with the budget. 

I even contacted the Mohave County Democrats, thinking they would jump on the opportunity to show us how smart and caring they are.

Another bust, Chair Marty Luna-Wolfe claimed it was a “bi-partisan” budget and she hung up on me.  HUH????

The Do-Nothing Mohave County Democrats are nothing but tools for Hillary and their entire website contains ONLY national issues. Trump hating, “resisting” by calling Flake, etc.   They don’t have a single local cause! NONE!

I understand now why Democrats don’t even have any candidates in most races and Republicans run unopposed!

If you are a Democrat, I suggest you become an INDEPENDENT and start thinking for yourself. 

Or just leave the party and politics behind and DO something for locals.

In the meantime,  Charles is AWFUL and people have been damaging their little plastic cars driving through COUNTLESS little washouts on Charles.


They just did Charles a couple weeks  BEFORE the storms, brought NO water and NO dirt.   That’s NOT how to maintain dirt roads!   Due to clearing and construction between Peach and Pear, we now have the worst washouts and in my truck I have to practically stop before driving through VERY SLOW.   Although it’s not that bad for the vehicles as the tiny washouts you can hardly see.

Last week I drove to Meadview a few hours after it stopped raining and the roads had been cleared already.  Even roads that have practically NO traffic were cleared.

Why is it that Meadview deserves safe roads and we don’t?

And thank you for NOT fixing Charles, Mickey!  As long as the locals fix the roads for free, there is no incentive for the County to do its JOB.  If enough people damage their vehicles they WILL get off their lazy asses and maybe even go to a BOS meeting to express their concerns.

A couple days after the last big rain I tried taking Glenn and couldn’t get through the wash at Pear and I also couldn’t make it at Greentree and Pear.  Have truck, but 2WD and there were already giant holes and boards in the wash from others who got stuck, so I went all the way back to Pierce Ferry so I could tear up my truck up on Charles.

I’m assuming that a local fixed Glenn and Greentree by now since the water haulers in Unit 6 couldn’t get to the well.