I’ve been busy trying to figure out WHY we need a real estate tax increase while we seem to have a ton of money due to funding increases despite unused funds last year or continued allocation of funds that are not used.

Last week supervisor Moss was appointed to superior court judge and our District 4 supervisor Jean Bishop doesn’t exactly show a lot of problem solving skills:


I’ve been trying to figure out the budget and posted some info at my new Resource Forum (not quite ready, but I need to organize the info):

Mohave County

I posted on Facebook and nobody seems to understand what’s going on with the budget. 

I even contacted the Mohave County Democrats, thinking they would jump on the opportunity to show us how smart and caring they are.

Another bust, Chair Marty Luna-Wolfe claimed it was a “bi-partisan” budget and she hung up on me.  HUH????

The Do-Nothing Mohave County Democrats are nothing but tools for Hillary and their entire website contains ONLY national issues. Trump hating, “resisting” by calling Flake, etc.   They don’t have a single local cause! NONE!

I understand now why Democrats don’t even have any candidates in most races and Republicans run unopposed!

If you are a Democrat, I suggest you become an INDEPENDENT and start thinking for yourself. 

Or just leave the party and politics behind and DO something for locals.

In the meantime,  Charles is AWFUL and people have been damaging their little plastic cars driving through COUNTLESS little washouts on Charles.


They just did Charles a couple weeks  BEFORE the storms, brought NO water and NO dirt.   That’s NOT how to maintain dirt roads!   Due to clearing and construction between Peach and Pear, we now have the worst washouts and in my truck I have to practically stop before driving through VERY SLOW.   Although it’s not that bad for the vehicles as the tiny washouts you can hardly see.

Last week I drove to Meadview a few hours after it stopped raining and the roads had been cleared already.  Even roads that have practically NO traffic were cleared.

Why is it that Meadview deserves safe roads and we don’t?

And thank you for NOT fixing Charles, Mickey!  As long as the locals fix the roads for free, there is no incentive for the County to do its JOB.  If enough people damage their vehicles they WILL get off their lazy asses and maybe even go to a BOS meeting to express their concerns.

A couple days after the last big rain I tried taking Glenn and couldn’t get through the wash at Pear and I also couldn’t make it at Greentree and Pear.  Have truck, but 2WD and there were already giant holes and boards in the wash from others who got stuck, so I went all the way back to Pierce Ferry so I could tear up my truck up on Charles.

I’m assuming that a local fixed Glenn and Greentree by now since the water haulers in Unit 6 couldn’t get to the well.