We’ll meet at Robin’s place on Wednesday at 1 PM and we’ll be talking about tomatoes.

Tomatoes were a hot topic at the last hoophouse meeting and we’ll watch some videos that will hopefully answer everybody’s tomato questions.

If you’re ready for tomato plants, Robin has more than she has room for as she started hundreds of seedlings a couple months ago.

We still have several of our best plants from last year and most of the overwintered 2011 tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are in the greenhouse now.  Most pepper plants didn’t have any leaves when I moved them out because they didn’t get enough light inside.   Amazingly, they’re all growing new leaves now.

Occasionally we get a few tomatoes and they taste so much better than store bought tomatoes.  In fact, we rarely buy tomatoes anymore  because most go bad anyway.  We just don’t feel like eating them anymore.

So we’re ready for summer too, started a couple hundred seedlings and took cuttings from our 2011 plants.  We also got some “desert” tomato seeds in Vegas and we are testing those plants.

Please email if you need directions to Robin’s place on Rose and I hope to see you all there!