We already received our lab test results:


The hoophouse sample was virgin native soil without ANY amendments and the lower garden sample was from an area that we first planted this spring.  We amended with wood chips, aged horse manure, a little organic mulch (acidic) and probably coffee grounds and a bit of Epsom salt.  We had the best (most prolific and great tasting) tomatoes in the gardens yet.

I’m surprised be the identical 8.7 PH and we have TOO MUCH calcium in both samples.  

We’re currently waiting for recommendations for amendments from gardening book author Steve Solomon in the Yahoo group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/soilandhealth/

I will have to do some serious studying so that I can explain what it all means at the meeting.

We will also bring our soil samples (significantly darker in the lower garden).

Please bring YOUR soil sample(s) in a clear glass jar with a lid (spaghetti sauce jars work well) from about 6″ deep and from a few different places in your gardening area or bed.  We can add water, shake it up and see how much sand, clay and organic matter is in your dirt.  It’s not a lab test, but it’s a start.

See you on the 12th — this is the last meeting this year!

However, we plan on a get-together in our new hoophouse around Xmas / New Years on a SUNNY day and I will announce the specifics once we have a date.  Please contact me if you would like to attend and we will call / email you with details.