Next meeting is on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 – 3 PM at Canyon’s End (fka Ken’s Pizza) in the front room.

We’ll talk about FALL planting, soil mineralization and organic pest control and watch a few relevant videos.

The tomato plants in our gardens were hit hard by tomato worms, but I’m sure the plants will recover by the time it cools off.   Gophers invaded our lower garden and killed off all our water melons.  Last year they also got to our upper garden and I just hope that we’ll get to harvest some melons there this year.   So far they managed to avoid the traps.

8/5/12 Armenian cucumbers (melons, don’t get bitter) — click for larger image

The Armenian cucumbers in the hoophouse are doing very well. 

But we won’t plant zucchini in the hoophouse again as they got HUGE and took over.    Most of the hoophouse looks like a jungle.  It’s time to clean out the winter veggies and some of those volunteer squash. With some luck we’ll get a good crop of tomatoes and tomatillos.

The Anaheim peppers are doing well in the lower garden, but once again we don’t have a single bell pepper plant.

Leaf hoppers destroyed the grape leaves, but miraculously we still got LOTS of grapes.

I’ve done some research on organic pest control methods for next year and we’ll discuss various problems and solutions.

As always, we’ll also bring:

* Veggie, herb and salad seeds (just got some new radish and beet seeds)
* Resources: gardening books and catalogs, co-op catalogs …
* Door prizes: plants, seedlings, red wiggler worms, pots, labels …

See you on the 29th!