Now that it’s getting HOT and WINDY in the hoophouse, we’ll meet at the restaurant in the front room at 1 PM. We’ll bring a TV and DVD player so we can watch some videos about culinary and medicinal herb gardening.

As always we’ll also bring seeds and probably a few seedlings. The Grand Prize will be for seedlings / plants to select and pick up at our place since we can’t bring a large selection to the meeting. We have a number of 1-year old pomegranates and palo verde trees and the tomato, squash and pepper seedlings are coming along.

The restaurant is under new management by Aaron and Diana and I enjoyed a wonderful lamb dinner on Easter Sunday. We’ll also start a market / swap meet in the parking lot and I’m sure we’ll have more details at the meeting.

Afterwards everybody is welcome to come to our place to see what’s growing in the gardens and in the hoophouse.