I first heard about it at Rogers’ Market and I confirmed it at the Meadview post office yesterday when we picked up a gopher trap.

Allegedly somebody complained and possibly even started a petition about the unreliable postal service, resulting in the Kingman post office decision to stop delivering packages addressed to the route.

If you have a PO BOX in Meadview, you can still pick up your packages in Meadview.

I do not know what exactly the problem was.

Were SMALL packages stolen out of the boxes?

The obvious solution is to deliver ALL packages to the Meadview post office.

Were packages lost at the Meadview post office?

If so, why do people with post office boxes still get their packages in Meadview?

WHY did the post office not bother to NOTIFY the residents with boxes on the route? 

Talk about DISRESPECT for rural residents!

I’ll sum up my personal 11 year experiences with the Meadview postal service with two words:

It SUCKS!  I could write a BOOK about the horrors.

Of course that does not mean that we want to drive to Kingman to get packages.  It means that we need better service and maybe the people working at the Meadview post office need to get paid more.  I know that the post office is broke and I’ve been saying for a long time that letter delivery should be privatized.  Imagine the luxury of HOME delivery.

Personally, I go with UPS and Fed Ex whenever possible, but small orders like books and ink are often shipped via post office.  Having to make a 120 mile round trip to pick up a package is unreasonable!  I wish the postal service would just close its doors and let private companies take over.

Update 9/4/11: Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount