Updated 6/29/17 after Loretta banned me from the hardware store.

Just when I thought I’d seen it all.  Yesterday I made the 10 mile trip to the Meadview post office to mail a letter to Germany and I arrived around 4:30 pm:

 Notice at CLOSED post office window

Notice at CLOSED post office window


I was furious!    I’m so incredibly busy, have no time or money to waste and these idiots closed the post office to SORT MAIL!

I didn’t see the notice at first because someone was standing there and I asked why the post office was closed — could hear them working.  Nobody mentioned the notice, I said I just drove all the way from LMC to mail a letter and Ray told me:

Quit whining!

Who is the imbecile responsible for this IDIOTIC decision? [Sorry, Loretta, I thought the imbecile was at the Kingman post office.  When I mentioned the whining comment to Lorette, she replied that she’s tired of all that whining in Meadview.]

NOT JJ — as indicated on the note!!!

I just spoke with JJ for 11 minutes and according to her, carrier supervisor Sheri was in charge yesterday and she’s not back at work till Monday.

The reason for the late mail delivery:

They have to wait for ALL mail coming into Kingman before heading out to Meadview.

What CHANGED?   The mail used to arrive here around noon:

Previously they didn’t wait for “all” mail.

So, instead of not getting a few most likely NOT important letters, we don’t get ANY packages and we can’t mail items that need postage or drop off packages. 

There are people actually PAYING for priority and express mailings, but they can’t pick them up!

The geniuses in Mohave County … Is it the water, the air or are people really born that stupid?  [Sorry, Loretta, didn’t know it was YOU.]

I asked for a fax so I could submit my written complaint to the postmaster in writing.

According to JJ, their fax doesn’t work so well.  I’m under the impression that nobody could care less.

I asked for the postmaster’s name and JJ informed me that there is no postmaster, the position is vacant.

Whoever wasted an hour of my time and 20 miles on my truck with 4 miles on CRAPPY not maintained dirt roads ought to write me a check! [That would be Loreatta.]

Not to mention that I truly resent the notion that just because I live in Meadview, I have nothing important to do and could not possibly have IMPORTANT mail to pick up or send.

While I was at the post office yesterday a lady from LMC also needed postage and she was treated with the same INDIFFERENCE.

Instead of having them sort the mail AFTER they close at 5 pm or in the morning at 8 or 9 am (when they’re closed anyway because they don’t open till 11 am), they refuse to provide any services during posted business hours  while sorting mail.


So I drove back to Meadview again today as JJ assured me that the post office was open.  I mailed my letter and then went to the hardware store to get a couple screws.  Loretta actually GAVE me the screws, wow.

And then I dared to ask about the post office. Loretta then admitted that SHE had ordered the post office closed and it had nothing to do with Kingman.  She never saw that notice on the window.

So Loretta explained that If they don’t get done sorting the mail by 5 pm, SHE has to do it and she possibly doesn’t get done till 8 pm.

She said that the feds want to close all the contract stations and that she doesn’t make (enough?) money on that post office.

Loretta was adamant that she could not afford to pay people to do the sorting while the post office is open. She told me that everybody could CALL the post office before driving to Meadview.  Can you believe this?

There are MANY reasons why people have to mail stuff TODAY and not TOMORROW.  A court case could be dismissed because a filing is not postmarked timely.    The IRS can assess a penalty.  We all know that the mail doesn’t go out today, but LEGALLY, it’s mailed when it’s post marked.

Just last April the Meadview post office changed the hours to open at 11 am instead of 9 am (I think it was 9). 

About the time I asked Loretta about the many hours she’s no longer paying employees because they’re closed in the morning and why she doesn’t just pay them to sort after 5 pm when they’re officially closed, she told me to leave the store and not come back.  Hmmmm, I really think THAT would be a solution.

So I tried to find a SOLUTION, but problem SOLVING isn’t wanted in Meadview.   Those imbeciles can only CREATE problems.

I’ve spent a TON of money at this hardware store when I was building (I was HUGE on supporting LOCAL businesses), spent quite a few thousand dollars there and then there were entire years when I bought nothing — and that story will be told another time.

I realize that many people in Meadview really have nothing else to do, but there ARE people doing business and the post office MUST be open during regular hours.

Personally I wouldn’t care if the post office was only open from 2 – 5 pm — as long as they’re open during their posted hours.  I don’t know why Loretta has such a bad attitude (again), many people told me that she’s done a 180 sometime after Trent left (she used to be so rude to people) and she’s been nice even to me in recent years.

What happened?

Why are so many people in Meadview such morons and they NEVER sit down with residents to actually SOLVE problems.

They kick people out, tell people to move if they don’t like it, etc.

So I’m going to submit my complaint to wherever it needs to go to FIX this unacceptable situation.