Yesterday I took a friend to the post office to mail a package and it was closed.   It was just before 5 pm and another resident came in.   He was carrying the notice to pick up something and he was there the SECOND time, only to find the window closed during posted hours.

So today I called — 564-2749 — was told they’d be open and YES, they were!

When I talked to Loretta before she banned me from the hardware store, she said that there were no packages to be picked up.   Clearly, that was NOT the case yesterday.

Rumors about the post office closing are going around, as the building is for sale, currently asking $375,000.

I also talked to a resident the other day who suggested that Loretta cut the hours in April NOT because of late mail delivery as she stated on her notice, but to make up for the $10 minimum wage that became effective 1/1/17.

Now THAT would explain why Loretta REFUSES to pay employees to sort mail AFTER 5 pm — despite reducing the business hours by 12 hours/week in April when she changed the opening times from 9 am to 11 am.

Or is she cooking the books to make the building APPEAR more profitable?

How much did Loretta pay her employees last year?   What kind of benefits do they get?

We need to increase postage to $1/letter to get mail service like DEVELOPED countries.

Congress needs to STOP subsidizing BUSINESSES at the expense of THE PEOPLE.