Meadview October 2011 Sheriff’s Office Incident Report

I much appreciate that the sheriff’s office compiled statistics for the Meadview area “incidents.”  I highlighted the incidents that I find most interesting:

Nature of Incident Total Incidents

Alarm 3
Animal Problem 2
Animal Welfare 1
Barking Dog 1
Burglary 2
Citizen Assist 3
Community Service 1
Vandalism 2
Dead Body 1
Racing Dirt Bikes 2
Disorderly Conduct 3
Domestic Violence/Family Fight 1
DUI Alcohol or Drugs 1
Suspicious person 1
Fire 4
Harassment 1
Medical Emergency 6
Code 34 1
Overdose 1
Traffic Accident, w/ Injuries 1
Suspicious Subject 3
Stray Animal 2
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 10
Theft 3
Threatening 1
Trespassing 1
Unsecure Premise 1
Welfare Check 3
Total reported: 62

Report Includes:

All dates between `00:00:00 10/01/11` and `23:59:59 10/31/11`, All agencies, All natures, All locations matching `MVEWD`, All responsible officers, All dispositions, All clearance codes, All observed offenses, All reported offenses, All offense codes, All circumstance codes.

This is interesting, but what about arrests? I’ve heard that arrests were made and items stolen during recent burglaries were recovered. I also heard that the stolen travel trailer was recovered and that someone was arrested.

Is it true? I’ll try to find out.

And what’s a code 34?


A “Code 34” is a motorist assist, i.e. usually a vehicle that appears to be inoperable on or near the roadway.
Much appreciate the Sheriff’s Office assistance.

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